A winter wedding can be an uncomfortable place to be if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Keep you guests fed and watered with our top tips on how to cater for them during the winter months.

suggestions-for-food-ideas-to-serve-to-your-guests-at-winter-weddingsComforting starters for a winter wedding

After standing outside having lots of wedding photographs, your bridal party will very much appreciate some nice comfort food to make them feel normal again. For starters, we suggest a small bowl of stew and dumplings, it’s a nice alternative to soup and will be warming hearts in no time!

Moorish main courses

There are plenty of options for a winter main course, but beware, people always like to have a selection just in case there’s something they don’t agree with on the sit down menu. A roast dinner is a great choice for a winter wedding. Think about providing a carvery-style main course where guests can choose from a different range of meats and vegetables and help themselves.

For those who don’t fancy eating a carvery, why not try offering up something a little different for a winter wedding. How about trying a “choose your own toppings” style jacket potato buffet bar. Guests can choose a range of toppings to put on their potato, from chilli-con-carney to tuna, beans and more. Always a popular choice, they’ll make your guests feel full for longer too!

You could also serve up a classic British dish like shepherd’s pie or sausage and mash. These types of dishes are cooked all over the UK during the winter months and are proven to be both tasty and filling. We absolutely love this shepherd’s pie recipe by Delia Smith, in fact it’s got our mouths watering right now!

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Delicious desserts

If you’re not nice and comfortable by the end of the main course, then a good hot dessert will warm you up. We suggest serving up your favourite classic puddings like apple pie, rhubarb crumble, sticky toffee pudding and spotted dick, all served with some lovely warm custard! Yum!

Alternative seasonal options

If you’re not into the idea of serving comfort food at your big day, we suggest looking into meals that incorporate a lot of seasonal vegetables. This will save on the pennies and you can have some amazing range of options with all the veg that’s on offer.

Are you having a Winter wedding? What are you serving to your guests?