Make sure your wedding guests are comfortable during the winter months with these wonderful warming ideas.


Shawls and scarves

Make sure your guests keep warm with an assortment of pashmina shawls and scarves. After sitting in a cold church or standing outside waiting for their photograph to be taken, they’ll welcome the gesture.

Think of attractive and inviting ways to display your winter warmers. Having a vintage, shabby-chic wedding? Display them neatly in a vintage suitcase and invite your wedding party to ‘wear me in the cold’.

mulled-wine-ideasMulled wine

A steaming glass of spiced mulled wine is the perfect way to keep your wedding guests warm. If you have any younger guests attending, swap the mulled wine for some warm apple and blackcurrant juice, they’ll never know the difference.

Comfort food

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Keep your wedding guests warm with some hot, yummy comfort food at your winter wedding. Keep your guests satisfied with some hearty portions of chunky vegetable soup, cottage pie and sticky toffee pudding with custard.

Aim to keep the costs low (and environmentally friendly!) by sourcing some local and seasonal produce.

Heated hand warmers

Hand warmers are a perfect, low-cost way of keeping your guests toasty and warm. Simply place in boiling water, wait five minutes and they’re ready to be used over and over again. You’ll banish those chilly fingers in no time!

Open fireplaces

Nothing warms hearts faster than an open fireplace or wood burning stove. If your venue has one, talk to them about using it during the evening celebrations. If they don’t, why try showing something like the video below – it’s perfect for giving the illusion of a real log fire without the hassle of clearing up!

Grab some sofas, some arm chairs and create a cosy little chill-out area that’s perfect for any elderly family members who want to get away from the party. Make sure a sturdy fireguard is in place for children (or any stumbling guests!)

Hot chocolate favours

There’s nothing nicer than a warming cup of hot chocolate before you go to bed. So send your guests home with some luxury hot chocolate and mini marshmallows – the perfect midnight treat.

If hot chocolate favours aren’t your cup of tea, how about a hot alternative to a sweetie table where guests can create their own drinks with hot chocolate and coffees? Add some flavoured syrups and toppings and you’ve got your very own mini coffee shop.

Fiery hot sauces

Put some fire in your guests’ bellies with some hot sauce accompaniments that are sure to make them feel like they’re on holiday! The sauces can range from a fiery inferno to a mild warmth, whatever their preferences it’s sure to get your guests talking.

Are you having a winter wedding? How are you keeping your guests warm?