Have you set some new year’s resolutions for your wedding planning? Here, Vicky Kelly, founder of the new goal planning system from Yolsk, tells you how to stick to them!

Remember what the wedding is for

The key reason that people struggle to achieve what they’ve set out to achieve is because they forget the original reason that they set the goal in the first place. So when it comes to planning your wedding, remind yourself why you are doing this, who it is for, and what is important to those people. That way you can ensure that you are planning things that are right for you as the couple, rather than getting swept along with the objectives of everyone else.

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Visualise your desired outcome

Create a picture in your mind of what your wedding will be like. If you aren’t a visual person, think about what you and your partner will be most pleased about, and how you’ll talk about it fondly in months and years to come. What will be the key bits that have made it the most special day of your life?

Don’t get too attached to it!

Your visualisation gives you a starting point from which you can start planning and organising. However, weddings are subject to external influences that you won’t be able to control, so make sure that while you know what you want it to be like, you don’t expect it to go that way one hundred per cent.

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Write things down

Whether you decide to create a wedding spreadsheet, or use a handy planning app like Yolsk.com that helps you identify all the bits and pieces you need to consider, having it all logged somewhere will make things a lot more manageable. Lists will soon become your friend if they’re not already.

Get help

The caveat here is that you get help from people who will be supportive and objective. Not from people who have their own agenda! While some grooms won’t always be too hands on or decisive, many people LOVE to get involved in wedding preparations given the chance. You don’t have to shoulder the whole effort yourself.

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Be decisive

The longer you have to think about something, the more stressed out you can get. Make a decision and commit to it. Once the decision is made, move on! Sometimes, the best weddings are those planned at really short notice, where there isn’t time to stew and deliberate on the smaller details.

Identify potential problems

The first step to overcoming a problem is knowing you have it, so it’s worth considering what could possibly be an obstacle to the wedding you want. In the military they call it ‘taking a combat estimate’, and in wedding planning, it can feel a bit like that – getting everything just right. Take some time to identify the problems and then the solutions, and add them into your plans. Yolsk.com has a handy section that walks you through this easily.


Keep some balance in your life

It’s important to remember to look after yourself. Planning a wedding can be enjoyable, stressful and all-consuming. Take time out to look after yourself, and check up on the other areas of your life, so make sure everything is tickety-boo elsewhere.

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