Keep calm and marry on! Wave farewell to wedding worries with these six steps.

Wedding day nerves may be natural, but that doesn’t make them nice. On your most special of days, we’re here to help you feel exactly that. Whatever point the nerves hit, these are the commandments to wed by if you want to keep those niggling thoughts at bay. You’ve got this!


Are the nerves kicking in? This guide will help you to keep calm on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy the best day of your lives yet!

Between friends

For many brides, the moment you walk down the aisle is like marmite – you either love the idea or are filled with nervous dread. All eyes will be on you, but remember that they are those of friends and family. Your guests are all there to wish you well and to celebrate your marriage, and definitely not to be critical. Try to keep this in mind.

And if you’re worried about tripping? Don’t be. You’ve got someone’s arm there for physical support, you’ll be walking slowly, and your dress has already been altered for the perfect fit. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

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Forgo formalities

If familiar faces don’t still your nerves, then consider forgoing some of the formalities that might make you unneccessarily anxious. If either of you can’t bear to be the centre of attention, ditch the speeches and receiving line, perhaps even the top table, to relax things. Round tables will be more convivial and prevent you from feeling on show during the wedding breakfast. Your conversation can then flow as freely as the Champagne, without any pressures, and you can stop and say a few words if and when you please.


Just married

We’re turning to our real couples for this one. Ever the voice of reason, they repeatedly tell us that if you marry the person you love on your wedding day, nothing else matters. That is the point of a wedding after all – not the flowers, décor and music choices. Getting married means you’ve achieved your goal, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Changes of plan happen, and they might even turn out for the better – you never know!

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If people don’t know what you’re feeling, they won’t always be able to help, so be sure to tell them. This applies both during the run up and on the day. Are you nervous? Stressed? Excited? Tearful? You’d be surprised how much just saying it out loud will help. When the day comes, remember that you’ll be surrounded by the people that you love the most and who love you in return – we bet they’ll be able to keep you smiling and feeling steady.


Mind over matter

Maintain this mantra for all elements of your wedding, through the planning to the day itself. You can practise mindfulness techniques to keep your head happy and clear. It can be as simple as focussing on taking slow, deep breaths for a few minutes or pausing to acknowledge the things that make you happy each day.

It’s about being aware of each moment and not wrapped up in other worries. Try these techniques at night for better sleep, and, if you’re still struggling to switch off, grab a sleep-nourishing pillow mist to spritz over your cushions just before you turn in.


What wedding?

Yes, you might have a lot to do to put your wedding together, but you absolutely must make time for other things. Plan date nights, dinner with friends, girly nights in or out. Don’t let every minute, conversation or social visit become about your wedding otherwise it will consume you. Make sure exercise is part of your schedule too for a happy and healthy you – yoga will be especially good for clearing your mind and aiding relaxation.


How will you keep calm on your wedding day?