It’s impossible to please everyone, we all know this. However, we know you want to keep your bridesmaids happy and from our experience, bridesmaid dress shopping should be a fun and exciting part of your engagement.

We’ve rounded up some helpful tips to ensure you manage everyone’s expectations and avoid any fallings out. alexia1268

Manage expectations 

You want your bridesmaids to feel involved and a part of the process- as much as they want to. When it comes to bridesmaid dress shopping, limit your numbers to avoid too many opinions as no doubt some of them will clash. However, do also try and think of what will look good on your bridesmaids so they don’t begrudge wearing the dress you choose.

Don’t immediately buy online

Shop online but don’t rush to buy online! Take to social media and online websites (like ours!) for inspiration and ideas but you need to try before you buy. You need to get a feel for what looks good on your bridesmaids and what colours and shapes will work. It may be that once you’ve tried a few on in store, you find the perfect dress from an online retailer, which you know will suit your bridesmaids.

Alternatively- and thank god for internet shopping these days- you could bulk order a few styles and host your own bridesmaid fittings at home, returning anything you don’t like. We’d advise checking the trial and returns policy on your chosen website first, however.


Be flexible

Ideally, every one of your girls will love and suit the type of dress that you pick for them but more often than not this isn’t the case! If one of your maids isn’t comfortable in strapless then allow them to have straps, it will all work in your favour in the end when all of your girls are happy on the day and smiling in your photos.

Divide and conquer 

No doubt your bridesmaids will all want a role to play in helping you prepare for your big day. If you have a maid of honour, ask her to share out some of the responsibilities for the hen party, or if you need any help creating any bits and pieces, reach out to these girls first. Not everyone likes to take an active role, so just be wary of some reluctance.

Above all, remember it is your day and you girls should do everything to make it the happiest day of your life! Whilst you want to keep your bridesmaids happy, you don’t want to let them dictate or dominate your decision. Good friends understand, and likewise, you should understand their expectations and manage them from the get-go. As we’re sure you know, especially when it comes to weddings, it’s impossible to please everyone!


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