Despite The Queen calling it “horrible” and “very creepy”, the display of Kate middleton’s wedding dress has proved to be a hit at the Buckingham Palace exhibition.

kate-middletons-wedding-dress-makes-cool-10-millionTicket sales for the London exhibition have risen dramatically since the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown has been on show when the exhibition re-opened in July 2011. Jonathan Marsden, director of the Royal Collection, said: “Unprecedented numbers came to see the duchess’s wedding dress, as the centrepiece of a special display celebrating the role of British design.”

Visitor numbers were 52% higher than the 2010 summer opening and the dress has become so iconic that it now has its very own wikipedia page.

How do feel about the wedding dress being in an exhibition? Do you think it’s a public item for displaying or should it have been kept private and just for Kate?

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  1. Being such an iconic dress its great that the public are able to see it up close. The queen seems so out of touch sometimes its unreal.

    • I agree Clare, the royals do say some silly things sometimes.

      I went and saw it with my friends and loved it – we couldn’t believe how small Kate is!

  2. She is sweet to let the public get up close and personal. She will have the day it’s gracious of her to share with the world

  3. let it be on display for like a year as long as it is well cared for shes only going to pack it away anyway. but then pack it away for her daughter maybe to wear. its hard to say but it was her day and the dress has very special meaning


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