When Girls Aloud singer, Cheryl Cole, promised that her autobiography would be a tell-all piece, which dished the dirt on the her life, she didn’t lie!

Cheryl’s book reveals that after performing at the Queen’s Jubilee Concert, Kate Middleton had a little confession for her during the after party.

Cheryl writes – “The party in Buckingham Palace afterwards was incredible. Just when I was thinking the day couldn’t get any more incredible, Prince William and Kate came over for a chat.‘Did you know you’ve got a bit of competition’ Wills said with a cheeky look in his eye. ‘From who?’

“Wills looked at Kate and they both started laughing before Kate confessed that she dressed up as me on her hen night, in a body suit and split trousers and sang Fight For This Love.

“She even learned the dance routine and was step perfect by all accounts, as her sister Pippa and brother James also came over and told me all about it.”

Did you dress up as a celebrity for your hen party? Who did you go as?

Let us know!


  1. I’ve never dressed up as a celebrity on a hen party, but over the past few years I have spent a couple of weekends dressed as the husband-to-be in question! It’s a hilarious and inexpensive way to liven up the hen party. There was the weekend in Brighton, spent with around 20 ladies all donning black Afro wigs and black rimmed glasses, just like the groom-to-be. On my own hen weekend one evening all 18 of them insisted on wearing masks of my hubby-to-be, it was possibly the weirdest night of my life!


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