Jetting off on your honeymoon? Save on vital case space with these multitasking beauty buys, says beauty expert Emily Berryman.

Egyptian Magic, £22.83

A brilliant remedy for a gazillion beauty blunders, soothing natural goodies – including royal jelly and honey – make this a fab in-flight moisturiser. Alternatively, slap it on as an emergency split-end tamer or quick-fix for craggy cuticles! Madonna and Cara Delevigne are both devotees.


Nars The Multiple, £30

The original make-up multitasker, this cult favourite creates a pretty wash of colour wherever you swoosh it – working as a lipstick, blush, eye shadow and highlighter in one neat little tube! Available in a mass of hues – from sultry plums to girly golds – for a natural flush, you can’t beat the cheekily named, Orgasm shade. Well, it is your honeymoon…


Nails inc. SOS Nail Pen, £12

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Beyoncé may travel with her own personal nail technician, but for us mere mortals this nifty three-in-one tool is a honeymoon essential. Great for tidying up wayward polish, caring for cuticles and smoothing snags – forget lugging around bottles, files and buffers ladies – this is all you need to keep your talons looking tantalising while you are away.


Jason Soothing 98% Aloe Vera Gel, £3.99

One of Mother Nature’s skincare powerhouses, not only does this vitamin-packed gel make a wonderfully cooling after-sun, studies have also shown that using aloe vera can help zap spots, reduce stretch-marks, soothe shaving rashes and limit dandruff too. Result!


Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Palette, £34

It is amazing to think this titchy little palette houses everything you need to cheat your way to complexion perfection – but thankfully it does! Including dinky versions of Bobbi’s bestselling foundation stick, concealers and powder, all nestled in a super-stylish black case. Just think of all the shoe space this will free up!


Lee Stafford Climate Control, £6.49

Not only does our favourite hair spray work wonders on warding off holiday hair ‘mares like frizz and limpness, we also use it to tame our brows, stop new shoes from slipping and banish annoying static in clingy fabrics. Just call us thrifty, multi-tasking geniuses.


Dr Paw Paw Original Balm, £6.95

Another SOS balm well worth seeking out – this iconic tube has long been a staple in beauty editors’ desks thanks to its 101 different uses. Ideal for dealing with everything from flaky knees and elbows to parched pouts and prickly heat, applying a dab before foundation also seems to make it magically last longer!


Ayumi Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, £7.95

You can’t open a magazine or newspaper without a stylish star like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr or Gisele going nuts over, ahem, coconuts – and with good reason! This humble oil makes an amazing make-up remover, hair conditioner, moisturiser and massage oil. Decant a little into a small tub and bask in your low-maintenance smugness.


Dr LeWinn’s Instand Beauty Radiance Booster, £26

This must-try primer adds instant radiance to sun-stressed skin – and if you slap it on liberally and leave for 15 minutes, it doubles up as a fabulous face mask too! Need another reason to invest? Try mixing a dollop with your usual foundation to make a tinted moisturiser for sunny days. This is beauty witchcraft at its very best.


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