Back in March 2012, Deputy Editor Jade decided to get Incognito braces fitted behind her teeth. In part one and part two of Jade’s Incognito story, we found out the reasons why Jade decided to get braces in the first place, and she revealed all about day-to-day living as an adult with braces. One year on, we caught up with Jade to see how she’s been getting on.


Life with Incognito braces

Truthfully, I can’t believe it has been a year since I had my Incognito braces fitted! When I think back to pre-treatment, and how I used to be so paranoid about my crooked teeth, it feels like I’m a different person. I know that sounds drastic, but I really can’t emphasise how much confidence you get from smiling without worry or embarrassment. My days of covering my mouth, always having photos taken from the left and generally feeling low self esteem from my appearance are over, thanks to Incognito braces.

One year on…

Since the initial pain of having two teeth out and the braces fitted within days of each other, I have learnt to live with my braces. I know that sounds strange – how can you ever get used to having metal tracks behind your teeth? But I can assure you, it feels like they’re part of me, I don’t even notice them any more!

Initially, whenever I got my brace tightened every six weeks, I felt pain for a day or so and would need to eat soft food, but now I barely feel any aches or pains at all, maybe just a few scratches on the tongue at most. A small price to pay for a perfect smile. What has made the treatment even easier is the support and professionalism of the Orthoworld Taunton team. I have got to know the staff well over the last year, and they are all such lovely people that have made the process both seamless and exciting.

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My Orthodontist has advised that my braces could be off by the end of the summer, which would be fantastic, but even if it takes a little longer, I don’t feel any urgency to get them removed. That’s the benefit of having braces behind the teeth – the look of your smile won’t change when the brace is removed because the tracks aren’t covering the front appearance. When I have meetings or events to attend at Wedding Ideas HQ, I can speak to people with confidence, knowing they can’t see the brace at all! I still have small gaps where the removed teeth used to be, and when these close, I’ll be all but ready to have the braces removed. To close the gaps, the Orthodontist has fitted ‘power chains’ (not as painful as it sounds, I promise!). The ‘power chains’ are actually super-strong elastics that are attached to the brackets either side of the gap, and nothing to worry about at all.

If you’re a bride-to-be that’s worried about your big-day smile, I highly recommend Incognito braces. The treatment isn’t cheap, but it’s a change not just for the wedding, but for life. The confidence you’ll get from the treatment makes it worth every penny, and having a sparkling smile as a result is an added bonus!

To find out more about Incognito braces watch the video above, and Somerset brides can visit Orthoworld Taunton to book a free consultation today!