I have always been a little paranoid about my teeth. I say a little, I mean a lot!

Covering my mouth when I speak to people and being cautious about laughing are just the start. I always get my picture taken on my left hand side, which many of my friends and family call ‘Jade’s pose’, but this isn’t anything to with vanity, far from it. The truth is that my teeth look less crooked from the left. I’ve always tried to stand to the right of people so they can only see my left side and every photo I have of myself looks exactly the same. So needless to say, my teeth have really affected my confidence.

Regular Wedding Ideas readers are probably flicking through the latest issue and looking at my photo thinking, ‘what the hell is she talking about?’. Well, the truth be told, the Cheryl Cole smile you see in the mag is a mere creation from our Art Director, Andy, rather than my natural smile. It’s amazing what Photoshop can do, isn’t it?

Left: My Photoshopped photo in Wedding Ideas. Right: A rare photo of me from the right – yikes!

So, after 25 years of being paranoid about my teeth, you can imagine my elation when I heard about Incognito hidden braces. Unlike any other brace before, the tracks are actually fitted behind the teeth so no one will know they’re there. As the Deputy Editor of a national wedding magazine, I have to attend a lot of shows and meetings, so the hidden aspect of the braces really appealed to me. I booked myself an appointment at OrthoWorld in Taunton immediately!

After meeting with the fab orthodontics team at OrthoWorld, I was given the go ahead to get the Incognito brace fitted. Hoorah! I’ve had my X-rays and impressions made, so now I’m waiting for the day I get them fitted, some time in February. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that in 18 months time, my life will change forever. I’ll keep you updated after every appointment, and you can see my teeth move before your very eyes!

The Incognito Brace is the latest in orthodontic technology

Is Incognito a good choice for brides with the same problem as me? Absolutely! Brides need to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on their big day, but as you can tell from my story, cosmetic issues like crooked teeth can really affect the way you look and feel about yourself. Incognito braces are the perfect answer, whether you get your teeth straightened before the wedding or after, it makes no difference – the camera won’t see a thing, and you’ll feel amazing. Your wedding photographs are your ever lasting memory of the big day, so this incredible treatment is so worth every penny.

Need a little persuasion? Watch this video!

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  1. I think you look absolutely gorgeous with your new straight smile but I gotta admit I think you look really cute with your crooked little tooth 🙂 I think you’re so pretty you can pull off both looks 🙂 XxX

  2. Jade I am so glad you shared your experience and I will be watching for your updates with interest. My daughter has the same problem and it really gets her down. She has been looking into braces but hates the thought of having the usual ones that you can see, thanks to your blog I can now tell her about Incongito and she can follow your progress too. Best of luck with it all =) x

  3. I have had my Incognito braces in for 18 months now and cannot believe how fast the time has gone!
    This summer they will be removed and I have had very little problems with them.
    How has your treatment gone?


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