6 Ways to Involve the Mother of the Bride

Your mum is one of the most important people in your life but weirdly enough there aren’t so many official roles for the mother of the bride. Here’s how to make her day really special too! Wedding Ideas editor-in-chief Rachel Southwood shares the traditional and not so official roles of the mother of the bride!


6 Ways to Involve the Mother of the Bride


Traditionally, it’s the mother of the bride’s job to be the reception host. She should make sure that everything goes to plan (and should be fully briefed on what the plan is!). She should also:

  1. Announce your engagement to the press if that’s what you choose
  2. Work with you as a couple to draw up the guest list (you may decide to allocate a quota of guests to each set of parents)
  3. Traditionally, she would order the wedding invitations
  4. Send the invitations out if you are following the tradition of the parents ‘requesting the pleasure of your company’. She should receive acceptances and regrets
  5. Helping to organise the seating plan
  6. Helping to choose your dress and the bridesmaid dresses



So, that’s the traditional bit out of the way! You may also need her as a shoulder to lean on; someone to powder your nose and give you strength, and to keep you on the straight and narrow if it all becomes a bit overwhelming on the day. She’s bound to have a handbag, so why not pop a couple of extra items in there, like tissues or mascara – things that you might need and she might notice that you need when no-one else does!

Make sure she is your extra bridesmaid on the morning of the wedding as you get ready. Don’t leave her feeling isolated as you sip bubbles and get pampered. Would she like her hair done? Maybe the makeup artist could fit her in, too. Any which way, she should be the person who does the back of your dress up and hands you to your father for the trip down the aisle.




You have a million people to thank, and that’s exactly what speeches are for. But how about you say a few words about your mum? Alternatively if you know your mum would like to say a few words or make even make a speech, make sure she reads up on our how- to guide for top tips for writing a more modern mother of the bride speech!

As well as the traditional photographs, why not have some shots of just you and your mum? She would love it and it’s a chance to exchange information and sentiment about the ceremony that you just might not get later on.



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What wedding planning and on-the-day job will your mum get involved with?!