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On the look-out for dreamy honeymoon locations? These idyllic honeymoon hotspots are as photogenic as they get

You’ve just experienced what was probably the best (and most nerve-wracking) day of your life so far – now it’s time for the relaxing bit! And where better to kick back, unwind and spend some time with your beau than a picture-perfect paradise?

If you’ve not yet pinned down a destination, honeymoon specialist

9. Dubai

A nod to the country’s picturesque beaches features in many #Dubai posts, as well as the epic feats of architecture, including the Burj Khalifa and Cayan Tower.

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8. Paris

The Eiffel Tower emoji unsurprisingly makes a regular appearance in Paris-based #honeymoon posts, with over 21K mentions in the last five years.

7. Greece

With over 24K mentions, the most popular emojis used for Instagram posts in Greece are the water wave and sunset symbols, owing to the beautiful weather and ocean vistas. Santorini comes out as one of the most popular keywords, with its iconic blue domed buildings and luxury hotels.

6. Hawaii

This dreamy hotspot has had just under 29K mentions, with the lush flora and fauna drawing in thousands of honeymooners every year.

5. Mexico

Cancun is mentioned in nearly half of #honeymoon posts taken in #Mexico, which has had a total of just under 30K mentions altogether. With white sand beaches, unbelievable food and crystal-clear oceans, there’s no question why so many newlyweds flock here after tying the knot.

4. Italy

Food and wine feature heavily in Italian honeymoon posts, with spaghetti and pizza emojis cropping up frequently. In terms of locations, couples seem to love Rome, Venice, Florence and Positano, with over 37K #honeymoon Instagram posts tagged in Italy altogether.

3. Thailand

With 38K mentions for Thailand, the country’s rich wildlife features heavily in honeymoon Insta posts. The many elephant emojis are a nod to the incredible elephant sanctuaries and reserves you can visit during your trip here.

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2. The Maldives

Think sunsets, ocean waves, sunshine, exotic fish and cocktails – Maldives makes it in at the second most popular Instagrammable location, with a total of 52K mentions. A number of famous couples have made this beautiful spot their destination choice, too, including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and Fergie and Josh Duhamel.

1. Bali

To no surprise, the most popular location for a honeymoon according to Instagram is Bali, with a huge 70.6K tags. With tropical rainforests, luxury spas and paradise beaches, this honeymoon spot provides plenty of Instagram fodder.

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