A contemporary art deco styled shoot heavily inspired by 2016 BBC adaption of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’.


Agatha Christie shoot7


Widely considered to be her masterpiece, I was enthralled by the art deco look of the set, the costumes and of course, the makeup. I knew I just had to capture a little of that essence of the period – introducing it to a modern context that would appeal to a contemporary couple wanting a more sophisticated colour palette with quirky details.

Many of the additional art deco touches came from the venue itself. Tucked away down a sleepy road in Weymouth was our perfect shoot location – the National Trust owned Portland House.


“What appealed about Portland was the feel of the place, it wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Hollywood hills! Beautiful architecture by Lord Gerald Wellesley, combined with original art deco furniture made it a true capsule of the 1920’s and 30’s.”



Sophisticated characteristics and soft shades paired with bold designs and opulent furniture make it a concept that would appeal to a couple wanting a slight vintage edge to their wedding style without feeling too alternative. Lovers of symmetrical design, fine craftsmanship, and a taste for old world elegance. Remember to achieve this look, the main elements of your day need not be vintage derived. A modern dress with inspired details will exude this style perfectly and similarly with other areas of the wedding. Consistent touches will suggest the perfect balance of a theme without it requiring authentic vintage items. However some of these items can easily be found in the form of table wear and decor from select charity shops.

“It was important to us as suppliers to use modern elements that had a certain symmetry for the 1920’s era.” 

Brides of Winchester provided the beautiful wedding gowns for the shoot. With designs from Chanticleer, Charlie Brear and Suzanne Neville, the dresses provided that unique touch of being modern, yet with a certain ‘feel’ for the 1920’s.
It was paramount that the makeup design for this elaborate era was brought into the modern age by combining classic effects with top quality contemporary colour products.


Agatha Christie shoot6


“For the eyes I created a basic smokey eye, introducing gold glitter by MAC on the centre of the lid.  I then kept the base very simple using a strong even strip of blusher along the cheekbone, which was very popular during the art deco period. To finish, I used lashings of a purple lipstick, also by MAC, in Rebel.”


Agatha Christie shoot8


All floral arrangements and bouquets were designed by Jo Hicks Flowers. She came up with the concept of mixing pastel shades with deep moody foliage, to create a sort of ‘watercolour soft focus’ look reminiscent of the old Hollywood films of the time.

Jill The Cakemaker designed the cake from scratch especially for the shoot and opted for mainly pastel green to accent colours of the florals and the delicacy of this era. To contrast the classic gold and black details are used to create an opulent geometric finish and give the cake an architectural stature, reminiscent of this era as iconic for structural design.


Agatha Christie shoot9


The stationary was provided by Laurel Designs Studio, again mimicking the same classic colours such as gold and black alongside sparkly brooches with emphasis on the laser cut peacock feather design for the envelope.

P H O T O G R A P H Y  Lemontree Photography
M A K E  U P  Frances Moore MUA
B R I D A L  G O W N S  Brides of Winchester
F L O W E R S  Jo Hicks Flowers
C A K E  Jill The Cake Maker
S T A T I O N E R Y  Laurel Designs
V E N U E  Portland House, Weymouth
H A I R  A C C E S S O R I E S  White Designs bespoke bridal adornments
M O D E L  Chloe Lancaster


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