Frosty mornings, mulled wine, and roaring log fires instantly make you think about a crisp, English winter. Winter is a magical season to get married. It can be challenging, trying to plan around the weather, yet at the same time it is very romantic! December

No matter what the weather, you can create the perfect winter wonderland wedding using confetti. Shropshire Petals share their winter confetti colour inspirations to make your day magical! Frosted Blue Petals £11.50 per litre (2)

Silver and ivory is a popular colour confetti combination for a winter wedding. Winters Morn is perfect to suit this theme as it is a beautiful mix of Lady Grey and Icing Sugar, which when thrown will look like snowflakes falling over you.

Continue reading below… Handful of Winters Morn £11.50 per litre

For some added texture, add some larger petals such as Daisy Daisy hydrangeas. Guests love to throw confetti, so why not make it fun by setting up a confetti bar for them to choose the petals themselves.

Blue is another colour, perfect for winter weddings as it represents crisp blue skies and ice. Choose from Frosted Blue delphiniums, Bluebird cornflower petals and Duckegg hydrangeas to create a stunning icy wedding petal mix. Duck Egg Petals £15.95 per litre (4)

Mix one, or all of these frosty blue petals with a neutral colour such as Lady Grey or Icing Sugar delphinium petals or some larger Daisy Daisy or Buttermilk petals for a delicate confetti mix. Pick and Mix - Lady Grey, Daisy Daisy and Icing Sugar from £11.50 per litre each

If you’re getting married at Christmas, why not choose a Christmassy confetti mix by combining red, ivory and green such as Lady in Red rose petals, Icing Sugar delphiniums and Envy Hydrangeas. Or add a splash of gold by including Ginger Snap or Honey’b in your confetti mix. Pick and Mix - Lady in Red, Icing Sugar and Envy from £11.50 per litre each

A winter wedding wouldn’t be complete without a silver wheat wreath hung on the door of your venue to welcome guests to your big day. Place several wreaths around your venue and use some matching wheat on tables with a sprinkle of your chosen confetti on your tablecloths for a rustic winter look. Natural and Silver Wreath £34

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