Happy National Proposal day! – Yes today is the official day to propose and in sight of this, luxury ethical jewellery creators Ingle & Rhode have analysed data from Instagram to reveal the most popular destinations in the World to propose or be proposed to! The jewellers developed an algorithm (step-by-step set of operations for data processing) to analyse image hashtags and geotagging from a data capture of 250,000 images.


Ingle & Rhode combined data from four Instagram hashtags – #isaidyes, #proposal, #proposed and #heproposed. The geographical coordinates were then identified by checking the longitude and latitude of each image, the results were then cross referenced to the nearest city to reveal the most popular destinations in the World for people to propose.



1. New York, US -19.96%
2. LA, US – 8.32%
3. Seattle, US – 8.16%
4. Miami, US – 6.76%
5. Chicago, US – 6.01%
6. Toronto, US – 5.42%
7. London, UK – 5.31%
8. San Diego, US – 5.15%
9. Orlando, US – 4,94%
10. Sydney, Australia – 4.67%

11. Vancouver, Canada – 3.65%
12. San Francisco, US – 3.51%
13. Las Vegas, US – 3.11%
14. Atlanta, US – 2.90%
15. Paris, France  – 2.66%
16. Washington, US – 2.25%
17. Dubai, UAE – 2.07%
18. Philadelphia, US  – 1.93%
19. Singapore, ASIA – 1.80%
20. Honolulu, US  – 1.42%
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Tim Ingle from Ingle & Rhode says, “With an average of 80 million photos added every single day, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos, especially those special moments you wish to convey to friends and family. Our results reveal an inspiring set of locations to pop the question to your loved one, and although some may argue it is not surprising that Paris and New York are high on the list, somewhat outside of the box are destinations like Seattle, Washington and Honolulu. Popular proposal hotspots are usually locations of significance to the couple, a favourite restaurant or bar with sentimental value or where the couple first met is not an unusual choice.”
proposalday We spoke to some happy couples recently turned brides and grooms-to-be!
Lifestyle blogger Ellie Rose was proposed to in New York City:  “NYC has always been my favourite place – the whole city feels like a movie set and it feels like anything can happen at any moment. When my other half proposed in NYC, that’s exactly what it felt like, a movie. It actually took me a minute to reply to him, because I was so overwhelmed by how perfect the moment was. I know a proposal would’ve been amazing anywhere – but NYC is the city where all my favourite love stories happened, so it was the perfect place for my love story to happen too”. Life style blogger Ellie-Rose  http://theelleroseedit.com/
 proposalday6Sophie, 30 was recently proposed to by partner Tom in centennial Park in Sydney: “Tom and I have always spoken about visiting Sydney; on my birthday four years ago he surprised me with plane tickets over dinner and I couldn’t believe it. I was finally visiting the City I’ve been reading about. The third afternoon into the trip we decided to take a quick stroll around the lily pond in Centennial Park before dinner. Before I could register what was going on he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a complete dream come true. Sydney will always be such a special place to the both of us, and a destination I look forward to visiting year after year on our anniversary.”


You can see the full interactive map on Ingle & Rhode: http://www.ingleandrhode.co.uk/instagram-proposals/