Back in March this year, Deputy Editor Jade told us all about her reasons for choosing Incognito braces to straighten her teeth. Seven months after getting the Incognito braces fitted, we caught up with Jade to find out how she has been getting on…

jade-incognito-bracesLife with Incognito braces…

In Part 1 of my story, I told you all about my insecurities with my teeth, due to the crooked front row. I always used to cover my mouth when talking and every photo of me was taken from the left hand side where the cross overs were less visible. I was so paranoid about my smile in fact, that I had my photo in Wedding Ideas Photoshopped to make them look straight!

When it came to the Incognito braces application, I expected the worst. I had heard many horror stories from friends about getting braces fitted and the pain I’d be in for weeks after. The truth is, it was painful and I ached for a couple of weeks after getting them fitted, but it didn’t last long. I had all sorts of bad thoughts running through my mind ‘what have I done?’, ‘maybe I’ll get them taken off’. It really was quite a shock after having two teeth taken out and a brace fitted within two days. Eating was a bit of a nightmare at first, and the Orthodontist suggested eating soft food for a few days. I remember trying to eat a pancake and getting all emotional because I couldn’t enjoy it! But after a week, it was like it had never happened. My mouth got completely used to having the braces fitted and I pretty much forgot they were there.

It didn’t take long for me to start seeing results from the Incognito braces. Within a few weeks, my crossed teeth were starting to pull away from each other. It was literally amazing! I took photos of my teeth every week and saw the transformation using the Incognito braces app. Loads of my friends and family commented on my teeth every time I saw them. I even met up with my best friends from university who hadn’t seen me since the treatment, and they all commented that they’d never seen me smile so much. One of my friends was so impressed, she has since got an Incognito brace fitted, too!


Seven months later…

I am smiling all the time, and I can’t believe how much my appearance has changed. I now have my photo taken from the left, right and straight on, without even thinking about it, which is a real revelation for me. My confidence is now sky high, and it’s all down to Incognito braces and the OrthoWorld Taunton team who have been so supportive and very professional. I am expected to have my braces off any time from March to September 2013, which isn’t that long at all.

If you’re a bride that is paranoid about your smile, I highly recommend Incognito braces. Not only will your smile be transformed in next to no time, but the braces are completely hidden, so no one will ever know. My only regret? I wish I had done it sooner.

Are you worried about your smile in your big-day photos? Would you consider Incognito braces?