For many brides-to-be, one of the biggest concerns is that they look elegant on their wedding day. An emerald colour scheme offers the perfect backdrop to do exactly that…

Its luxe jewel tones add opulence and the richness of the colour exudes a real sense of beauty and compliments equally well with blonde or brunette hair! Introduce the colour in small touches to your details for sophisticated style, right through from your confetti to your maids’ dresses and even the ribbon on your wedding cake. Team the colour with sparkly, glossy or velvet textures and finishes to ooze even more grandeur in your emerald wedding colour scheme.

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1 Necklace,, £32 / 2 Favours Bag,, £2.99/ 3 Earrings,, £55 / 4 Balloons,, £4.50 / 5 Confetti,, £2.99 / 6 Bridesmaids, / 7 Invitations,, £1.53 / 8 Purse,, £79.95 / 9 Cake, / 10 Confetti/decor leaves,, £5 for 50 leaves / 11 / 12 Flowers, / 13 Bracelet,, £15


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