Let’s be honest, everyone loves a few fireworks at a social event, but when it comes to weddings, we’d prefer to see the best fireworks that money can buy! – A dark wedding is nothing if not depressing. Luckily, Jon Culverhouse of Fantastic Wedding Fireworks is here to provide a number of ways that you can light up your wedding using a selection of lighting techniques and mood enticing entertainment options. Ranging from intimate candlelit soiree to bold and beaming displays! – Take your pick!


Fireworks are undoubtedly one of the most entertaining ways to light up your wedding. Whether you decide to light up your wedding breakfast, illuminate your first dance or add a bang to your evening entertainment, fireworks are guaranteed to entertain your guests and light up your night. You could also add an additional dimension to your wedding fireworks and time them to go off with your first dance, or even set them to music. Whichever option you go for, fireworks are guaranteed to illuminate your wedding and lighten up the festivities.


Illuminated letters

If you’re looking for a lighting solution that spells out exactly what you’re celebrating, include illuminated letter within your wedding design. These letters will not only light up any darker aspects of your event, they also provide the perfect backdrop to any guest or bride and groom photos. Versatile, stylish and bright, illuminated letters are undoubtedly one of the best additions to your wedding.

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Whether you’re going for a more rustic theme or a classic white wedding, candlelit lanterns can be a beautiful and delicate way to add light to your event. Lanterns also vary in size; the smaller ones can be placed around the venue either on tables or surrounding the guest book, whilst larger lanterns can be placed outside the venue to guide guests to another room or to the car park. Medium-sized lanterns can also be hung from trees to create a truly magical area outside of the main wedding space.


Scattered fairy lights

If you’re looking for a lighting design that is small, magical and that twinkles all through the night, then we would advise you go for scattered fairy lights. These lights are the perfect way of transforming any space, whether it’s inside or out, by creating a spellbinding atmosphere. You could either use these lights throughout your venue or add them sparingly to emphasise elements within your reception area; however you decide to utilise these versatile lights, you will be left with a magical and illuminated environment.


Suspended lighting

Suspended lighting is a great way to lighten up your wedding venue without adding yet more obstacles for guests to trip over after they’ve had a few too many. Suspended lighting can come in almost any shape or size, and it will undoubtedly compliment any wedding theme you might have. Whether you decide to suspend your lighting through a classic chandelier or opt for a more modern approach, suspended lighting can illuminate the faces of your guests and bathe your venue in a warm glow.


Festoon lighting

Festoon lighting is a classic option for rustic-themed weddings, especially those set in rural areas or in converted barns. These lights are bulkier than fairy lights, but they make an impact and a provide a substantial amount of illumination. These lights are perfect for creating inviting outdoor seating areas or drawing the eye to walkways. Festoon lighting is a better option than fairy lights for larger venues and venues with high ceilings.


If you’re looking for a sudden burst of light, sparklers are the perfect way to realise your dreams. By handing each guest a sparkler as soon as the sun sets, the happy couple can then run through an illuminated archway hand in hand, under the light of all their friends and loved ones (it also makes for a pretty cool picture afterwards). However, we would advise caution when using sparklers; do not hand one to a small child, nor to a guest who has enjoyed a few too many glasses of wine! Sparklers are a beautiful addition to any wedding, but the last thing you want is an image of the bride in a burning dress or the groom with only a small patch of singed hair left on his head. 


Image| Tom Archer Photography

Jon Culverhouse specialises in event and wedding firework displays. Jon has been involved in organising firework displays in big events including The Cannes Film Festival and London New Year’s Eve. Find out more about Fantastic Wedding Fireworks and create spectacular illuminations for a beautifully lit wedding night.