Your wedding day is a real one-off. All that planning and thought but all too soon your special day is over, so you need to make sure you get it absolutely right.


To help you make the right choices with your suppliers, we called upon our Facebook friends who’ve been there and done that, and asked them to share their top tips to getting it right on the day.

Enjoy your big day

Think about what time your day begins. “I would have liked the wedding to start earlier,” says Angela. “That would have given me more time to relax and enjoy my day.”

Hannah Marie warns against too much of a ‘party’ atmosphere before the big day begins. “I would have fewer people at my parents’ house in the morning,” she says. “There were so many people I got quite overwhelmed.”

Sometimes your day just gets away from you and before you know it, it’s over! “Time was the biggest issue,” says Nicola. “My biggest regrets were not tossing the bouquet and not having any food at the evening do because I was too busy running about.”

Videographer woes

Not having a videographer seemed to be a common regret with some of our Facebook newlyweds. “Our only regret was not having a videographer or even asking family members to make videos,” says Carli. “I would have loved a video of the speeches or of me walking down the aisle and seeing James’s reaction.”

Cathy agrees. “I so wish I had the wedding, speeches and first dance videoed,” says Cathy. “I would love to see it and feel it all over again, which is something I can’t get from my photos.”

Choose the right photographer

Your photographer is one of your most important suppliers. Choose the right one and you will have memories that will last a lifetime, choose the wrong one and you might have a few problems, like some of our Facebook brides.

“My photographer was definitely a problem,” says Becky. “He agreed to lots of things before the day that he didn’t do… ever heard of pen and paper to make notes? He hadn’t. He even needed to be asked to take photos of my dress and shoes before I put them on and I didn’t get any photos of the children playing outside. (We’d hired an event nanny especially, as it was important to us they had fun). We even had a few issues with the album, too. Other than that, it was an amazing day, we’ve got plenty of photos taken by friends and family that more than compensate for our issues.”

Becky wasn’t the only person to have problems with their photographer. Katie also had issues with hers. “If I could do it all again, I would have had a different photographer,” says Katie. “I ended up having a go at mine outside the church because he was refusing to take a photo of me and my mum, which was an important one to me. I also requested he took some natural pictures of our two-year-old son and he only took one. Thankfully our guests took lots!”

Family troubles

Sometimes it’s not just the suppliers you’d like to change. Tina also had a word to say about inviting family. “I wouldn’t invite family who I didn’t really want to be there, and who wouldn’t want to be there themselves,” says Tina. “I would invite the people who I really, really wanted to be there.”

“I would have liked to have changed my mother-in- law and so would her son,” says one anonymous bride.


So, if you could do it all again?

It seems our brides’ biggest regret is with the photography and not having the wedding professionally filmed. Your photographs and video are very precious and important so make sure you allocate a good part of your budget to them.

Don’t scrimp on a photographer, choose the best you can afford and really shop around. Brief him/her fully, give them a checklist of the shots you want and ask for recommendations, so you know other brides have been happy with their work.


  1. Have a longer veil and cherish every minute it makes me sad the day flew so quickly! Also best advice I can give is don’t confuse yourself by shopping around but make sure you are happy with your choices xx

  2. Same as the above, i would have booked a professional videographer. somebody we new filmed our wedding and 11 months later we’ve still never seen the footage. I’ve pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it 🙁

  3. I am a professional videographer, living and working in Cyprus and I spend a lot of time trying to explain the importance of having a video. My brides all tell me that they will look at their photos and put them away, but the video is watched over and over. You cannot hear the laughter or speeches or vows in photos. When the children are older they will be able to see and hear the older friends and relatives who are no longer around. That is priceless, I think. We have never had a bride tell us that they have regretted having a video, but plenty have said how glad they are that they did.


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