When it comes to your wedding day, it’s a given that not everything will go smoothly, and the most important thing is that you come away from it married to the person you love. Having said that, it never hurts to learn from another bride’s wedding regrets! We asked our Facebook friends what they would change about their day if they could plan it all again…


“I would have made the ceremony adults only, then had children at the reception. We had kids running around screaming on the day, particularly during a prayer specifically dedicated to my husband’s deceased mother. We will never be able to relive that moment – and it ruins the DVD.” Liane

“There are a few little things I would change. I wish I could replay the morning of the wedding and let people readjust my veil and dress – they weren’t right, but I was too wound up to fix them. I definitely would have hired a videographer. Also I would have tried to relax more – I regret playing the host all day, because it meant the time flew by!” Leigh-Anne

“We were meant to have an outdoor ceremony, but it tipped it down so we couldn’t. We also definitely should have put a videographer on the credit card! Finally, I wish I hadn’t stressed so much – I spent so long making sure that everyone was enjoying themselves that I couldn’t relax.” Claire

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“The only thing I would change would be to tighten my dress and pull the lining down – it was devastating to spend so much money on a dress and then to not wear it properly.” Cara

“I would have another trial run with the hairdresser, as my hair on the day turned out nothing like I wanted but I didn’t have time to change it. I’d also get a music sheet to the DJ, who kept repeating songs!” Chloe

“We would have loved a videographer. Also the filling in my front tooth fell out on the wedding morning, causing lots of stress and making me 15 minutes late for my own wedding! I would have loved it if I had more time in the morning to get ready and enjoy the moment.” Kat


“Our day was perfect, but if I could change anything I would have used a videographer. The vows and speeches were so emotional that it would be lovely to watch them back. The day flies by in a whirl, so it would be nice to see the little bits we missed too.” Faye

“Lots of things – I would have liked more planning time, longer in Gibraltar, more guests, more spending money, and a private meal. It was a lovely day, but not the dream I had envisioned.” Persianprincess

“I wish we had hired a professional caterer. It was our biggest let down.” Jess


“The weather! It rained heavily on my wedding day, and it was an outdoor party!” Ruby’s Events

“I’m the same as Kat – we have loved to have been able to afford a videographer. Apart from that, even all the things that went wrong (my husband’s broken ring finger, the usher’s broken foot, a suit that was too small and my mother coming back from the hairdresser looking like a parrot!), I wouldn’t change a thing. We look back and laugh and nothing could take away the fact it was the most amazing day of our lives.” Hannah-Marie

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