“Boring, stuffy and cheesy!” These were just a few of the words married couples used to describe their wedding video in a recent video survey commissioned by Shoot It Yourself. 


In an effort to find out what people thought of traditional wedding videography, the girls from Shoot It Yourself took to the streets with their nifty video cameras to ask married couples if they hired a videographer to film their wedding and if so, what they thought of the video. The results were shocking! “I hate it,” said one bride.”I hated all of it!”

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So what can you do to avoid feeling like these brides? Why not have your family, friends and guests create your own unique wedding video with Shoot It Yourself?

Unlike traditional wedding videography, the appeal of Shoot It Yourself is that you and your guests will feel more natural being filmed by friends, and therefore the footage that you get is much more personal and meaningful to you. “I think it’s definitely a good idea,” said Mark Millar from BBC One’s DIY SOS, who got married in April this year. “You can be more creative and use your imagination a bit more rather than being told what to do by a stranger!”


Once the couples were introduced to the concept of filming your own wedding video, they all unanimously agreed that it was a really good idea! “People are much more comfortable with being filmed by people they know,” said one bride. “It’s a great idea!”

“We wanted to conduct the video survey to challenge people’s perceptions of wedding videography and to enlighten them about what we do,” said Andrea McDowell, founder of Shoot It Yourself. “The look on people’s faces when we told them about SIY was amazing! We have created a whole new concept in wedding videography that appeals to people who traditionally wouldn’t have wanted to have a wedding video because they were perceived as being a bit cheesy!”


Shoot It Yourself have definitely created a bit of a stir in the wedding industry since they launched in Feb 2010 and have successfully edited over 750 wedding videos. Check out what makes them great in this short video!


We’re hooked! If you are too, don’t forget to check out the Shoot It Yourself website, or visit our Wedding Videography section for more ideas and inspiration.