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What makes hydrangeas so perfect for your wedding bouquet? We spoke to Hydrangea World for their exclusive tips

If you’re considering which flowers you’d like within your wedding bouquet, hydrangeas are always a stunning option. Not only are they a flower that symbolises grace, beauty and gratefulness, their unique generous dome shape and a huge variety of colours also makes them a truly special choice.

The most popular hydrangea colours used for weddings are white and pink, but they are also available in green, blue and purple. Hydrangeas work well on their own, but you can augment arrangements with other flowers, grasses and green leaves. The hydrangea is such a flexible floral friend to all and can be combined with other cut flowers in endless varieties.

Bride with wedding flowers

What’s wonderful about hydrangeas is that they offer impact, either in several small vases together or a big arch with other flowers. The big flower balls of the hydrangea consists of many tiny flowers, which makes them wonderfully eye-catching.

For larger flowers, go for tall hydrangeas with stems of around 80cm and flower heads of approximately 20cm diameter, and pair them with olive branches or grasses for a dramatic, standout effect.

Cut hydrangeas range from ‘fresh’ to ‘classic’ varieties. ‘Fresh’ refers to colours such as white, green, pink, blue and purple, however if the hydrangea has gone through its colour change, it’s considered ‘classic’.

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Cut-flower hydrangeas are available year round, with the best offer during the months of June to February. March to October are the best months for ‘fresh’ flowers.

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In instances where ‘classic’ hydrangeas are used in wedding bouquet, the bouquet can be dried. If the flowers stop absorbing water and the leaves look limp, remove the leaves from the stem and empty the vase of water. Normally the flowers will then dry out completely, and provide months of enjoyment!

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