Despite Gift-giving Happening As Much More Brits Are Deciding To Stay In This Valentine’s And Here’s Why…

While we are expected to fork out a staggeringly high £945 million on V-Day gifts this year, is this day of love a commercialised quick-fix romance or still an important romantic holiday – perfect for a marriage proposal, perhaps?! (cough, cough..)

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Despite 72% of us agreeing Valentine’s Day is far too commercial, more than 1.8 million brits are hoping their will partner get down on one knee to propose on Valentine’s Day, as revealed by new research from Protect Your Bubble.

Which sex is more generous with Valentine’s gifts?!

In an attempt to express love to that special someone, it has been revealed that men are in fact expected to be the most generous gift givers this year. An anticipated spend by men of £51 on average for Valentine’s Day, compared to an average spend of £33 by women.

How will 64% Of Brit’s Spend Their V-Day Evening?!

Many couples this year are set to ditch fine dining at fancy restaurants as 64% intend on spending the evening at home. With high-street retailers such as M&S championing the dine at home deals, the majority of Brits have been convinced to spend the night in with their partner. In fact, the research revealed that only 17% of Brits will be leaving the house to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

James Brown, director of jewellery insurance provider Protect Your Bubble, says: “While Valentine’s Day is widely hailed as an excessively commercial holiday, Brits seem to be set on spending an enormous amount of money on flowers, chocolate, jewellery and other gifts.”

If you are planning on splashing the cash on a lavish piece of jewellery or a watch for your beau this Valentine’s Day, pair it with a comprehensive insurance policy to ensure you’re purchase is protected.

Will you expect a romantic evening out with no expense spared or are you happy to be wined and dined on the sofa at home?!


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