“How We Beat The Budget”! Real Brides Share Top Tips

Your dream wedding can 100% be achieved within or even under budget, as these savvy-saving real brides prove! We share their real wedding planning tips for savvy-spending!

Shop Around

Emma & James “We bulk ordered gysophilia from a supermarket and made our own bouquets, buttonholes and arranged floral table displays in jam jars. Making things yourself is a great way to cut costs and it’s always a good idea to shop around for your wedding flowers or opt for seasonal alternatives.”

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How to beat the wedding budget!


Elly & Greg: “Once we had decided where we wanted to focus our budget we were able to confidently negotiate with suppliers to try to stay in line with our numbers. It’s always worth asking – most suppliers were actually able to come down in price, which made a huge difference to our final spend!”


Helen & Matt: When it comes to your wedding breakfast, thinking outside the box really saved us alot . We had nibbles on arrival, which was cheaper than ordering canapés. Our guests really enjoyed them and meant we didn’t need to have a starter.”

Table deco

Emma & Neil: “Instead of flowers for table centrepieces we chose candles in delicate glass holders with a stunning berry wreath which set our scene perfectly! And even better, we were able to give them as presents to the bridal party and keep some for ourselves as a lovely reminder of the day.”

Wedding date

Jane & Adam: “Getting married on a week day is an easy way right from the beginning of planning to keep costs down. We saved over £5,000 by swapping a Saturday date for a Thursday at our chosen venue.”

When visiting potential wedding venues, be sure to ask what discounts they can offer on week day bookings or even late availability dates if you’re looking to tie the knot earlier rather than later!

how-we-beat-the-budget-Jade and Adam


Ali & Charles: “Favours often go to waste or get forgotten, so don’t feel that you MUST provide them. Instead, we decided on something much more worthwhile for everyone. We decided to donate the money we would have spent on favours to a charity. During the reception we played a game with our guests and the winner got to choose the charity that we gave the donation to!”

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how-we-beat-the-budget-Carol & Dougie


Kate & Adam: “If your venue offers different prices between the seasons try and get a date just after their winter season starts or ends. Our venue’s summer season was April – September, so we booked our wedding for 5th October. The weather was superb, still warm and it saved us nearly £2,500!”


Sharron & Lee: “Particularly if there are alot of you in your bridal party, consider doing your own make-up? Just be sure to invest in some long-lasting, good quality make-up brands. This way with a bit of practice you can achieve a beautiful bridal look at half the expense and you get to keep the make up you chose!”

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Guest list

Sophie & Michael: “Think carefully about your guest numbers. We made a list of all the family and friends we could potentially invite and then took off anyone we hadn’t seen in the last two years. We managed to whittle our guest numbers down to 50, which saved us a considerable amount on food and drink costs.”


Heather & Adam: “Bake up a treat with a dessert table. Instead of serving dessert to each guest, you can ask all of your nearest and dearest to pitch in and bake some sweet treats. Most guests love to feel involved and are flattered to be asked and at minimal cost to each person, dessert for all of your guests just got easier and cost-free!

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how-we-beat-the-budget-Heather & Adam


Laura & Sam: “Wedding DIY helped us save the pennies. We created all of the decorations for our day, and although it was time consuming, the hard work paid off! The guests couldn’t believe the attention to detail and it made everything on the day more personal to us. In fact, I loved it so much I’ve started a business, Lulabee, to help brides with the little details.”


Lucinda & Adam: “Making savings on stationery is really easy and a lot of fun. We printed our own and saved a substantial amount. We knew the design we liked and so we decided to give it a go ourselves – the results were perfect! We also had our own wedding logo that we incorporated for a personal touch.”

how-we-beat-the-budget-Lucinda & Adam


Laura & Ravi: “When planning begins, write a list of 3-4 things that are priority on your wedding day. For example, ours was a band, the venue and the food. This way you can spend allocate more budget to your priorities and which the budget left, compromise on the things that are less important if needs be.”


Sam & Craig: It’s a good idea to question whether you really need a wedding car. We looked into hiring a car, but after considering the costs and the short distance from my home to the venue we decided it wasn’t needed! In the end my dad decorated my black car and took me in that.”

how-we-beat-the-budget-Sam & Craig

But remember, don’t do it ALL yourself – you’re not superwomen and nor do you have endless amounts of time or professional skill to DIY absolutely everything. Pick and choose what to take on yourself, and let the professionals handle the rest. This will save you a lot of stress, trust us. Want to know more ways to stay sane during wedding planning? We thought you might