Whether you choose to wear sky high heels or comfy flats for your big day, there are a few things you should definitely take into consideration before picking your wedding shoes. We asked bridal footwear expert Rachel Simpson for her guide to choosing the perfect pair…


Style over comfort?

When looking for the perfect wedding day shoe, it’s quite common for brides to pick two pairs. One for the official part, to be worn during the service and photographs, and the unofficial pair for when pain takes over and common sense returns!

However, the height of your heel should not matter as long as the shoe is made well, so two pairs of shoes shouldn’t be a must. Look out for full leather lining and perhaps a strap to keep your foot secure and comfortable all day. Concealed platforms are also a brilliant way to add height without compromising on comfort.


Wear what feels normal

Your special day is a long and memorable one. If you don’t normally wear skyscraper heels then why would you try to master your first pair on your wedding day? Equally, you won’t feel your best in a ballet pump if you prefer a 4inch platform. Stick to what you know best and your feet will love you well into the wee hours.


Consider your dress length

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What style is your dress? If it’s short and sweet, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your pins with a pair of statement heels. Whilst you can wear whichever shoes you like, if your dress reaches the floor and beyond, then perhaps opt for a mid-heel for extra comfort over style. Don’t forget to take your chosen shoe with you to dress fittings, especially with floor length designs, so any alterations can be done with the heel height in mind.


Look him in the eye

Think about that moment when your brand new husband is given the all-clear to ‘kiss the bride’. If you are marrying your very own Tom Cruise, you may want to reconsider the 5inch heels and opt for a smaller one to ensure a happy groom and a crick-free neck!


Whatever the weather

Take care of your heels, particularly if your wedding reception is outdoors. Avoid sinking into grass or slipping on wooden marquee floors by buying yourself a pair of heel protectors – they’re an ingenious invention to keep your heels clean and you in an upright position!

Now you know what to look for, why not check out the latest gorgeous designs from Rachel Simpson – or take a look at these beautiful short wedding dresses to show off your new shoes!