We’re here to help you spot a bad bridesmaid, hopefully before it’s too late. We’ve got your back at Wedding Ideas, don’t ya know…

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Green eyes

Jealous bridesmaids do not have a place in your bridal party – at all. If you can tell that that it’s taken a lot of effort for her to say ‘congratulations’ on the fact that you’re engaged (before she is), she is definitely not one to make one of your VIPs.

If she’s seeing green, she’s going to be less than helpful when it comes to planning your perfect day – that’s not what you need! Pick the girls that are happy for you, and just as (or at least, almost) as excited as you are.

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If the girl you are considering for your bridal party is someone that is naturally quite lazy, she may not be the best option either. Unless you know a way to work around her laziness – perhaps giving her task that you know she’ll enjoy doing, – the bridesmaid jobs you give her won’t get done. Or, won’t get done without you asking a number of times.

You shouldn’t really need to ask more than once if you’ve got a batch of good bridesmaids on your hands. They’ll want to get it done ASAP and move on to the next job, whilst lazy gals will leave it until last minute. STRESS CITY.

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You don’t want negative people in your life, let alone your bridal party! This is someone that constantly shuns your ideas and decisions, and just generally puts a downer of everything that you or your friends say or do. Sounds like bridesmaid material? We didn’t think so.

Opt for the positive and enthusiastic girls in your life! We’re sure there are plenty for you to choose from, and stay well clear of any negative thinkers. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, remember!

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Mayhem maker

Keep any infamous stirrers or ranters out of your mix of ‘maids! These are the girls that put their skills of persuasion to use, but with negative effect. If she doesn’t like that she’s paying so much for the hen party, she’ll let them others know and get them wound up too. No one wants bridal party drama before or during their special day, do they!?

Not responsible

Can you imagine handing over important wedding-related tasks to the person in question? Yes? Well then, we’re sure she’s fine to be your bridesmaids. No? That is a bit of a problem.

Being a bridesmaid isn’t all about wearing a dress that matches the other girls or matches the wedding’s colour scheme. They’ve all got to be reliable enough to take on and manage certain responsibilities.

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“Are you sure that dress is the one?”, “I don’t think that colour suits him” – since when did this person take over your wedding?! Whether this is a bit of green-eyed envy, or whether this girl is genuinely trying to be helpful (in a terrible, terrible way), it’s not very nice!

It’s your day, so you do it YOUR way. Don’t let others change the dresses and details that you’ve got your heart set on!

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Dress shopping problems

As great as it is to have a fashionista best friend (for shopping-for-amazing-outfits-and-looking-fabulous-always purposes), bridesmaid dress shopping can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you’re having matching ‘maids.

If you know they’re picky about what they wear in the first place, you KNOW they’re going to be picky when they’re getting told what to wear. Don’t let them boss you about on what you want your bridesmaids to wear, as much as they tell you there’s a better colour to suit their complexion.

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Zoning out

Do her eyes glaze over as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’? Even if you mention your wedding an excessive amount, that’s still not the best trait of someone you want to make your bridesmaid.

Every single one of your bridesmaids should be in the loop with what’s going on for your wedding, what your plans are and what your vision is! In fact, here are the 7 things every bridesmaid should know before the big day.

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Loves the spotlight

As one of your VIPs on your big day, there’s no doubt that they’ll have eyes on them. However, you don’t want to choose someone that wants all eyes on them at all times – you’re the bride, remember!

No, that doesn’t mean to say dress them in the ugliest dresses you can find to make sure your wedding guests’ eyes are off them (that’s just one of the signs of being a really uncool bride), it means be weary of who you choose. Or, if that drama queen is your best friend, let her know where she stands!