Your wedding venue will take the largest slice of the wedding budget, but there are some clever ways to save money on your perfect location…

Off-peak bargains

You don’t have to get married on a Saturday in the height of summer to have a wonderful wedding. Choosing an off-peak date can save you a huge amount on your venue and all your other suppliers, and you’ll have more money to spend on other things, too.

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Weekday weddings

Weekday weddings are becoming more and more common nowadays. Not only will the wedding venue be cheaper on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you are more likely to get the venue you want, especially if it’s a very popular place.

Very superstitious

Are you a superstitious bride? No? Then Friday 13th could be lucky for you – and save you £££s! Weddings are rarely held on superstitious dates but if you don’t mind marrying on April Fool’s Day, you could be the last one laughing!

Mistletoe and wine

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Booking a wedding venue around Christmas time could mean that you save money on decorations. Many venues have house flowers and Christmas trees that can be moved from the ceremony room to the reception room to give you cool decorations at zero cost.

Last-minute bookings

If you can get organised quickly, booking a wedding venue at the last-minute can save you pounds. Planning within four months could see at least a £5,000 drop off the original price. Wedding venues want to fill the space so if you can make quick decisions, you may bag yourself a real bargain.

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All-in-one bargains

All-inclusive package deals represent great value for money. They will include everything you need for around 50 to 70 day guests and more in the evening, leaving you free from worrying about how much cutlery you need!

Supplier savings

Using the venue’s own recommended suppliers may mean discounts for you. You will also benefit from the fact that they have worked at the venue before and know how to decorate the space.

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Shop around

Keep an eye out for local and national wedding exhibitions, such as The National Wedding Show – these events are an opportunity to get great ideas and take advantage of special discounts wedding venues may have.

Marquee magic

Hire a marquee! Venues usually charge less to have a marquee in their grounds, or maybe someone in the family has got a large garden you could use. If accommodation is included in your package you could charge guests for rooms and make some money back.

Looking to save money elsewhere? Our handy Wedding Budget section has everything you need.