Finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses can be just as stressful as choosing your wedding dress. Chances are everyone is going to have a different body shape, so instead of finding one dress that suits everyone, why not rock the mismatched bridesmaid look?!

Giving your girls the option to choose their own gowns in different colours and cuts is bound to put a smile on their face. We’ve put together our top tips to make sure you can totally rock the mismatched bridesmaid look… _MAX0947


Same, but different

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Multiway dresses are the perfect choice for brides who want their best girls to be wearing the same colour and similar style, but making sure they feel comfortable and beautiful in what they’re wearing. Multiway dresses are handy as they’ll suit any shape or size whilst still looking coordinated. RC220314-92


Change only two features

You don’t want to make too many things different with each bridesmaid dress as you still want them to look part of the bridesmaid group. It’s best to change only two features and keep the rest the same. For example, change the fabric and neckline but keep the dresses all one colour. Or choose a different fabric (lace, chiffon, cotton, etc.) and colour but keep the neckline the same.


Mismatch your maid of honour

Another fun idea is to keep your bridesmaids’ dresses the same but buy something different for your maid of honour, so people are able to pick out her role. For example, you could choose a darker shade of the main dress colour or a certain print. However, make sure that the overall look is still coordinated.


Use a mixture of colours

If you can’t find a print that all of your bridesmaids love, go for varied shades of the same colour. For example, light-to-bright shades of pink or blue will look gorgeous and coordinated at the same time. & spb-303


Keep it long or short

Make sure your bridal party look picture-perfect and keep the dress styles the same length. This will mean your bridesmaids can choose any colour, fabric or style but will still be matching. It’s hard to create a cohesive look with varying dress lengths!




Go shopping together

Giving your bridesmaids free reign over their dresses sounds stress-free, but it can seriously backfire. It’s best to work together to find dresses that coordinate, rather than letting your girls spend money on dresses that don’t look right together!



Alternate prints and solids

If you have a large number of people in your bridal party and you still want to achieve the mismatched look with your girls, it looks great to alternate between solid colours and prints. For example, two girls wearing the same printed dress and two other girls wearing the same colour dress. This mix-and-match style creates a super-cute, cohesive look for your wedding party without looking too confused.


Don’t offer too many choices

This actually applies to all bridesmaid dresses, matched or mismatched. Give your girls a guide about what you want them to wear, as it’ll give them something to look for. Giving your bridesmaids too much choice will only end in chaos! Why not go bridesmaid dress shopping on your own and pick a selection, and then let your maids choose their favourite? Faye&Tim172 2


Last words of advice

Many brides buy the bridesmaid dresses with the idea in mind of getting a dress that they can wear again – but don’t worry about this too much. No matter how versatile the dress is, your girls will always feel like a bridesmaid when they wear it. You’re better off choosing a dress that both you and your maids like, so that everyone is able to enjoy your special day. np315


Now you’ve found out how to rock the mismatched bridesmaid look, you need to know the 7 crucial tips for shopping for bridesmaid dresses!