After months of planning and organising, along with plenty of tantrums and tears, your wedding day has finally arrived. But how do you make sure the spark of the day isn’t lost when you and your new hubby are finally alone? An expert at leading lingerie and erotic retailer Ann Summers puts the wedding night misconceptions to bed and gives her top tips for a truly explosive night to remember…

Back off!

You might have had an amazing time with friends and family on the dance floor, but that’s exactly where they need to stay. Inviting guests back to your room is a guaranteed passion killer – you’ve waited all day for this, don’t let the party kill the mood. This is your wedding night, you don’t want to make your man wait a minute longer to get you out of that dress.

150-ann-summers-competitionSet the mood

Get the bathroom misty with a soapy shower or luxurious bubble bath; either one will get you in the mood for a hot and steamy wedding night. Light some candles, scatter rose petals, and get ready to release your inner minx. Team up a sensual night perfume with traditional white lingerie – tease that innocence you both know isn’t really there.

“There’s no better time to turn up the heat than on your big day.”


Use your first night as husband and wife to ramp up the passion and allow your curiosity to take over. Love and lust will be at their peak on your wedding day, so use that confidence boost to suggest something new. Start off your married life in charge with role play, or bondage. Indulge in new positions that you’ve been dying to try.

Ramp up the naughtiness and give your bae the ultimate ‘access all areas’ backstage pass with some erotic knickers. Crotchless styles are perfect for when you just can’t wait – or show off your best asset and encourage spanking with something bumless. At the end of the day, you just need to own it.


Get adventurous

There’s no limit to how wild you can go on your wedding night, so why not go shopping for some couple’s sex toys before the big day? If you’re stuck with where to start, try a bullet vibe. Both pocket-sized and powerful, it is the ultimate beginner’s toy. Add a little massage oil into the mix and use it to explore each other’s bodies, you’re guaranteed a night you’ll never forget.

Just relax

It’s easy to build up the tension before the wedding night but, at the end of a long day, it’s easy for it to end up as a bit of an anti-climax. Don’t pressure each other to make it the best night of your lives – if it happens, that’s amazing. If not, you have all the time in the world to have mind-blowing sex, so there’s really no rush. Don’t let it put a downer on the day.

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