How to propose is a difficult question to ask. You need to know your partner well enough to know where they would like to be when you finally pop the question. When you’re out of ideas and your friends are at a loss, it’s time to turn to the stars. Discover the best way to propose according to star sign.

A guide on how to propose according to your partner’s star sign

Whether you’ve planned the perfect proposal and just need confirmation from the cosmos, or you want to ensure you pop the question in best possible way for your partner. Here’s how to propose according to star sign.


An Aquarius loves to feel at peace with the earth, and certainly won’t want a materialistic proposal at the expense of the planet. Keep it natural, and try to set a scene in a nearby woods. Draped fairy lights and fresh flowers make for a beautiful setting, and an Aquarius would love to get engaged in the middle of nature.

Top Tip: When choosing the ring, make sure you opt for an ethically sourced diamond!


Pisces is a water sign, so head off hand in hand and barefoot onto the beach to make your proposal. Be sure to prepare a loving speech as Pisces is an old-fashioned romantic.

Top Tip: When you go to the beach, make sure that you are totally alone before you propose. Pisces hate PDA!


An Aries is in their element when they are physically challenged, as they know that they’ll perform the best. Plan a hike up to a beautiful viewpoint and propose when you get to the top.

Top Tip: Make sure you can keep up with your Aries partner as they don’t like to be kept waiting.


Taurus partners love familiarity and warmth. They have a lot of love to give, but prefer to give it at home where they feel safe. Plan a romantic evening for your Taurus partner, and pop the question over a bottle of wine and a candle lit dinner.

Top Tip: You may want to try to show off your culinary skills by preparing something new, but for this special night stick to your Taurus partner’s favourite meal.


A Gemini wants to be everywhere at once and experience things at a million miles an hour, so slow them down for this special moment and let them enjoy it. They love bustling cities and exciting nights out, so whisk her away to a trendy rooftop bar with a magnificent view and pop the question over a cocktail.

Top Tip: Geminis are very affectionate people, so don’t hold back when they say yes! Prepare yourself for a showering of hugs and kisses, and be sure to give them back.


Cancers love to experiment with new hobbies and exotic food, so combine the two and book yourselves in for a couples cooking class. You’ll bond over this learning experience and afterwards, when you are eating the meal that you have made, you can propose.

Top Tip: While the city offers some great cooking classes, have a look at some cookery schools further out into the country. They will probably have some beautiful views to serve as a backdrop for when you pop the question.


A proposal abroad isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely the way to a Leo’s heart. Picture an exotic beach in Sri Lanka or Hawaii, cocktail in hand on a luxury resort as you ask that all important question.

Top Tip: Leos love entertainment as well as luxury, so try to organise tickets to a show or concert of some sort to give your Leo the best proposal for their star sign.


Every Virgo holds a special place in their heart for the animal kingdom, so make their passion for animals part of your proposal. If you want to go big, organise a trip to a game reserve or animal sanctuary. If your budget won’t stretch that far, even a dog walk into the woods will make your Virgo partner feel in their element.

Top Tip: Let the animals become part of the proposal by attaching the ring to the collar of your dog, or surprising your partner with it as you spy on exotic creatures.


Libra likes simplicity and style with none of the fuss or faff. Don’t overwhelm her with complicated steps or extensive locations to visit to carry out your proposal. Instead, opt for a trip to the theatre or an art gallery opening to pop the question. An evening spent expanding your creative mind will be enough to make a Libra happy.

Top Tip: Libra’s also love to be outside, so perhaps take a stroll in some botanical gardens to find the picture-perfect setting for your proposal


If anyone can handle the drama of a public proposal, it’s a Scorpio. They love passion, romance and bold gestures. They even get a little jealous, so propose in public to show them that you want the whole world to witness your love.

Top Tip: Scorpios don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their emotions, and they will expect the same from you when you propose. Prepare a romantic speech to explain exactly why you want to marry them.


A Sagittarius is always on the go, so it can be hard to find a moment to make them slow down and listen. To really get their attention, plan a surprise trip to a place that neither of you have been before. Spend your time exploring and trying new things, then pop the question when they least expect it.

Top Tip: While a romantic weekend away is a great idea, make sure you have planned plenty of options and activities for the trip to avoid your Sag partner getting bored!


A Capricorn loves a little luxury, so book yourselves a spa weekend away to really pamper them. Once they are totally relaxed, pop the question somewhere private over a glass of champagne.

Top Tip: Capricorns are old fashioned romantics, so make sure you get down on one knee when you propose.

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