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Although you can’t plan your wedding day weather, you can have backup plans in place, just in case things turn sour. If you’re ready for all eventualities, you’ll be more relaxed and enjoy your big day that much more…

Warm weather plans

You might have been praying for a warm wedding day but hot temperatures can throw up some problems, too. Standing outside a wedding reception can be thirsty work, so in addition to wine make sure you serve some ice-cold refreshments. You could also provide your guests with inexpensive paper fans and maybe even chilled towels, so guests can stay cool and fresh.

Make sure that your venue has adjustable air conditioning. Even if the room is cool once the party starts and people start dancing, the temperature will rise quickly. If you’re having a marquee wedding, think about having an outdoor decked area that can act as a chill out area where people can sit and chat.

Umbrellas and parasols are perfect accessories, whatever the weather. Umbrellas can shade your guests on a scorching hot day or protect them from the rain when they walk into your reception. If your budget allows it, they make wonderful keepsakes, particularly if they’re personalised with a monogram of your initials.

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Marquee ideas

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If you’ve organised a marquee, try and get the best you can afford. A good quality marquee will come with adjustable sides,that you can adjust, depending on the weather. If it’s unexpectedly warm, you can remove them altogether to bring a lovely day inside, or if it’s cooler than expected, you can put up the walls and use heaters to keep everybody at a comfortable temperature.

You also need to be thinking about the flooring. Cheap flooring will sink into the ground and let ground water seep through and you don’t want to have a flood on your hands or ruined shoes.

Cold weather plans

On a frosty day, greet your guests with trays of warm mulled wine, these are a welcoming alternative to traditional vino. Chatting with your hands clasped snugly around a glass is a great way to start off the celebrations.

Think about what you’ll do if ice and snow appear and chat to your venue beforehand about what plans they have in place in case this happens. The last thing you want to do is falling over on your way to the wedding  ceremony.

You also need to think about your wedding transport, a white car looks wonderful but on a winter’s day it might end up getting splashed with slushy snow or mud. Also check with the company and make sure that their cars can deal with icy roads. You don’t want your car breaking down on the way to the church or slip sliding all the way to the wedding reception. Classic cars look beautiful but aren’t always practical in bad weather, so make sure your transport company has a backup plan incase a blizzard strikes just before your big day!

Knowing that you’ve got your weather plans in place is just another step forward in making sure you have a happy and relaxed wedding day!

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