The demand for “green weddings” is on the rise – not just to cut back on wedding waste but to save money. We reveal the most popular sustainable wedding trends on Pinterest for the year ahead – which could help save both the environment and your bank account!

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The Most Popular Sustainable Wedding Trends in 2022

With the world becoming more conscious of its own environmental impact, it’s no wonder that sustainable weddings have been growing in popularity over the years. The alternative can also be a lot cheaper helping to make your wedding more affordable as well as eco-friendly.

A new study by has revealed the most popular sustainable wedding trends for 2022 on Pinterest, looking at most pinned pictures on Pinterest regarding sustainable wedding search trends over the past year. Here are the results of the most sustainable wedding trends for the year ahead.

Lab-grown Diamonds

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This sustainable wedding ring was the most pinned item found in the study. Not only are lab-grown diamonds more environmentally friendly, but they also average 40-50% less expensive than mined diamonds, instantly bringing the cost of your wedding down.

In the past 12 months, searches for ‘lab-grown diamond ring’ have increased by 86% and specific searches for ‘lab-grown diamond engagement ring’ have increased by 179%, highlighting how people are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment when it comes to planning for their big moment.

Other sustainable options found in our study include conflict-free rings, ethical rings and vintage rings – all of which are much better for the environment and usually cheaper.

The most popular type of sustainable ring was a lab-grown diamond with recycled metal band, followed by pear-cut Alexandrite vintage style rings, bubble and breathe bands and morganite diamonds.

Biodegradable Leaf Cuttings – an Alternative to Confetti


Searches for ‘biodegradable confetti’ have increased by 123% over the past twelve months, more specifically ‘biodegradable confetti for weddings’, which has increased by 222%.

Whilst showering the newlyweds with colourful confetti may seem fun, it can actually be detrimental to the environment and can take nearly 1,000 years to break down, according to some experts. This trending alternative only requires a hole punch (which you could pick up for as little as £1) and leaves, making it the most popular and sustainable alternative for confetti as well as one of the cheapest.

Other sustainable and popular options for 2022 instead of confetti were birdseed, lavender, flower buds and flower petals.

Glassware & Plants for Sustainable Wedding Favours

wedding favours sustainable
Credit: Woman Getting Married via Pinterest

Glass jars of popcorn kernels came out on top in the study for sustainable wedding favours; glassware is a great sustainable material due to being fully recyclable, thus making it a perfect eco-friendly wedding favour option.

However, if this isn’t to your taste, why not offer reusable vintage glasses which you can take home after the wedding – or shot glasses?

Another great option for the environment is plants. Plants that dominated top sustainable wedding favours included sunflower seeds, a small potted plant, and a small plant in a shot glass.

Other sustainable searches were glass jars of popcorn kernels, re-usable vintage glasses and personalised mugs.

Sustainable Decorations

Credit: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Dried flowers were the most pinned sustainable wedding decoration, and searches for ‘dried flower bouquets for wedding’ increased by 50% over the past year. These are a far more cost-effective option as well as environmentally friendly as they conserve water, energy and are biodegradable.

Ideas such as using tree stumps or logs as cake stands came in second place in the Pinterest study, whilst flowers in recycled glass bottles came in third.

Overall, searches for ‘sustainable wedding decorations’ have increased by 35% in the past twelve months. All of these options could help reduce the amount of money being spent on your wedding through recycling existing bottles or drying your own flowers and will help reduce excess waste created through weddings.

Other sustainable searches included biodegradable confetti, renting wedding dresses, suits and bridesmaid dresses and plantable wedding invites. is a UK-based price comparison website launched in 2008. It compares financial products including credit cards, bank savings, and mortgages.

More Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Some questions to think of when you and your partner are planning an eco-friendly wedding include: Do we really need it? Can we hire or borrow it? What is it made from? Where will it end up? To help you plan, we list more sustainable wedding tips below.

Wear a Sustainable Wedding Dress

Molly’s vintage gown is available to rent for £350 a day on By Rotation

Could you ask a friend to make your dress? Or choose a fun style that doesn’t lok too bridal meaning you can rewear.

Other options could include: renting a dress or buying one from an eco-wedding dress designer like Luna Bride or Indie Bride. Find sustainable fabrics at Offset Warehouse.

Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations

Credit: Etsy

Electronic invites are the number one way to keep things sustainable – try Paperless Post or Paperless Wedding to make admin easier and eliminate paper waste.

If you want actual invites, try using recycled paper that can be easily recycled again (no glitter!) or recycled wildflower seed paper that can be planted.

Eco-friendly Wedding gifts

Married couple gift list
Credit: The Wedding Shop

Set up a wedding list where people can contribute towards activities on your honeymoon or give to a charity using websites like Buy Our Honeymoon and Patchwork. 

Eco-friendly Wedding Decorations

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Choose a reception venue that already has decorations up year-round, like hotels or restaurants, like fairy lights, candles in glass jars and flowers that will already be set up.

Look for British-grown flowers, preferably without pesticides like Organic Blooms, who are British grown and certified organic! Use natural, foraged or second-hand decor as much as possible.

Eco-friendly Wedding Venues

Credit: Millbrook Wedding Venue

Try to choose a venue or caterer who serves predominantly British, seasonal produce and doesn’t use plastic, replacing plastic straws with cardboard alternatives and only hand them out on request.

Talk to caterers beforehand about your plans to reduce rubbish and see if they can accommodate you by composting food scraps, saving leftovers, working with a charity that collects food waste and avoiding cling film, for example.

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