Candy buffets are such a fun way to entertain your guests. A reception must-have, they can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Here’s how to make your own for under £100 with the help of The Wedding Mall


If you’re thinking about having a candy bar or buffet at your reception, this idea is a great starting point and it comes in at the same price that you would pay for a set of favours for each guest, if not less.

If you’re a crafty bride, this is a really simple way to add a DIY touch to your reception. The above, pastel-coloured collection would work well for a country themed wedding but you could easily adapt it to fit with other cool themes for this year including the 1920s and rustic festival.


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The bar above is a great idea for budget-conscious brides-to-be with the added bonus that you can keep all of the glass vases at the end of the wedding to use at home or give as gifts to members of your family. So let’s take a look at what you’ll need…

For the sweetie part of this candy buffet, we have used the following treats… 3 x Pink Bonbons C12555 (£4.99 x 3 = £14.97); 2 x Mint Imperials C12551 (£4.99 x 2 = £9.98); 1 x Shrimps C97523 (£3.49); 1x Mini MarshMallows (£2.99); 2 x Milk Bottles C12862 (£4.99 x 2 = £9.98). These sweeties come to a grand total of £41.41.


Every candy buffet needs a set of scoops that fit in the jars or vases. You’ll also need some way of describing the sweets in the bar to your guests. Here we have used the following… 1 x Scoop S28941 (£2.39); 1 x Tongs T10036 (£2.39); 1 x 100 Small Pink Bags C97594 (£2.50); 1 x 8 Treat Bowls B11643 (£2.45); 1 x 8 Treat Cups C12848 (£2.45); 1 x 12 Chalkboard Stickers (£3.95); 2 x Heart Chalkboards (£1.43 x 2 = £2.86); 1 x 20 Napkins (£2.45). This part of the buffet comes to £21.44.


Finally you’ll need some pretty glass vases in which to display all your goodies. We love glass vases as they allow the colours of the sweets to be seen, and you can easily co-ordinate these colours with the rest of your day. Here was have used… 1 x 20cm Cylinder Vase GLAS413 (£3.98); 1 x 16xm Cylinder Vase GLAS171 (£8.48); 1 x 14.5cm Hurricane Vase G16235 (£3.56); 1 x 18cm Pedestal Bowl GLAS198 (£9.60); 1 x 19cm Pedestal Bowl GLAS199 (£11.39). This gorgeous selection of vases and bowls comes to just £37.01.

All of these elements add up to a very budget-friendly £99.86 – that’s a fabulous candy buffet, a real talking point, and favours for the little ones, all for under £100!

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