Your groom is the main man on the big day but how do you make him stand out from the crowd? Here, men’s formalwear experts Hugh Harris show us how it’s done…

Stand out from the crowd

So how does a groom stand out from his ushers? More often than not, we’re tasked with creating a group look, as well as having the groom and his best man stand out a little. As a starting point, we encourage the groomsmen to wear the same suit, then we’ll introduce a subtle change in style such as a cravat for the groom and provide the groomsmen with neckties of the same colour. It creates a subtle visual change without adding a different colour into the mix.

If this isn’t an option for you then another very effective, yet understated change can be a simple waistcoat switch. For instance, regardless of suit style – tails, lounge or Tux – a groom and his best man can wear matching waistcoats while the others can wear more fancy, colour-relevant versions.

Styling for weddings abroad

What do you wear if you’re jetting of to a sunnier climate?  This is a tricky question but why should a groom’s outfit be anything other than formal or smart?  Yes, the linen suit/rolled up trousers/open neck shirt look is romantic but does it really fit with the theme of your wedding?  Depending on your budget, why not look into a really lightweight SMART suit in a light grey or pale blue? Getting married on the beach doesn’t mean you have to be casually dressed!

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Shopping tips

When searching for your suits, try to make sure that all the male members of the wedding party can make the appointment at the same time. And don’t leave sorting out your suits until the last minute. Impress your bride and get organised early on – it will leave more time for perfecting your look!

Many thanks to Hugh Harris for their amazing words of advice. Looking for more top tips on how to style your groom? Check out our groomswear section.