These cute love-heart cookie wedding favours from Cakeology are perfect for your special day! Plus, you can change the colour of the icing to match your colour scheme.

Cookie wedding favours

How to Make Delicious Cookie Wedding Favours

This recipe makes about 20 cookies, so adjust the measurements according to how many cookies you want to make.


  • Rolling pin
  • Guide sticks
  • Round cutter; we used a 10cm one to allow plenty of space for the heart and name
  • Piping bag with the end snipped off
  • Cake smoother
  • Heart-shaped cutter, slightly smaller than the round cutter
  • Piping bag with a No. 2 nozzle


  • Premade or shop-bought cookies; we recommend a vanilla shortbread biscuit
  • Icing (confectioners’) sugar, for dusting
  • Sugar paste in pastel candy colours; you need about 30g per cookie in this size so make up equal amounts of pink, mint green, lemon and cream
  • A little soft-peak royal icing in white
  • 2 tablespoons soft-peak royal icing, coloured with paste colour, for the heart and name writing

The cookies

Step 1: Lightly dust the work surface with icing sugar and roll out all of your sugar-paste colours to guide-stick thickness, then remove the guide sticks and continue rolling them a little thinner, to a thickness of 2-3mm.

Step 2: Cut out all of your sugar circles with the round cutter.

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Step 3: Lay out the cookies on the work surface and pipe a drizzle of white royal icing over each one using a piping bag with the end snipped off.

Step 4: Lift the sugar circles and pop them all making sure they’re central. Once you’ve got them all on, gently press each one to stick it down and flatten it neatly onto the cookie with your cake smoother.

Step 5: With the heart cutter, make an impression by gently pushing the heart into the circle. This will give you a perfect guideline for piping a neat heart.

Step 6: Personalise all of your cookies with the coloured royal icing in a piping bag with a No. 2 nozzle fitted, piping your friends’ or family’s names on in any writing style you like.

Step 7: Starting at the top in the middle, with gentle pressure, begin piping the royal icing over the heart guideline. Do this slowly, lifting the piping bag slightly above the cookie and allowing the line to drop down slowly using gravity. This will make your line neat and less wobbly.

Step 8: Once you reach the bottom point, stop squeezing the bag and gently touch the nozzle into the heart at the surface and pull the bag away. Repeat from the top down again along the other side of the heart.

Step 9: Leave the cookies to dry for at least 12 hours. If you’re giving these as favours, pop them into individual bags and tie with some ribbon that matches your theme.

Cookie wedding favours

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