Choosing wedding flowers can be a bit of a minefield but it needn’t be. Simply enlist the help of a professional like Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design to help you make the most of your wedding flower budget…


From the bridal bouquet to the buttonholes and blooms for the venue, flowers are a natural and wonderful way to enhance the visual impact of a wedding day. But some brides are unsure of how much money to allocate to this aspect of the day. Wedding Ideas caught up with top floral designer Elizabeth Marsh as she reveals how to get the most petals for your pound.

Ingenuity in design

“It is possible to break flowers down to the individual florets and place them nonchalantly to decorate a wedding breakfast table, without blowing your budget,” says Elizabeth. “Branches and other sculptural elements can be re-used at different times during the celebrations, too, reducing the cost.”


Less is often more

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“Displays that include fewer flowers often use them more intensely, so the impact is created by different means,” adds Elizabeth. “Filling every available surface with flowers can be overkill. When this happens, the eye becomes overwhelmed and the brain can no longer take in the vision. The result is that the floral arrangement is not only expensive, but the impact of the flowers is actually reduced.”

Seasonal blooms

“Look for those blooms that are naturally in season at the time you’re getting married,” says Elizabeth. “This will help you avoid expensive transportation costs from far flung corners of the world. There are likely to be very many seasonal options in your chosen colours, so don’t worry – your florist can advise you.”


Keep it simple

“There is a certain charming naivety about some of the less expensive wedding flowers,” explains Elizabeth. “These generally include the field flowers, daisies and grasses – they are tall, wispy and romantic, perfect for today’s trend for rustic themes. They also help you keep control of your wedding flower budget, too!”


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