There are many stresses of a wedding and although bridesmaids provide an abundance of help throughout the process, sometimes they can find it difficult to see eye-to-eye. Keeping them happy is one of the bride’s responsibilities so Cleo Greaves has thought of some tips to help them get along.

Make sure everyone meets

The likelihood is that your bridesmaids have come from all different aspects of life, whether they’re your lifelong best friend, sister or work friend, there’s a chance that they won’t know each other very well. Organising a meet up as soon as possible means that the bridesmaids have a chance to get acquainted with one another, get to know each other and they can discuss what each of them expect from your wedding. LAP-Copyright-343-Vintage

Put them in touch with each other

Following the meet up, don’t keep your bridesmaids in the dark. Create a group chat where everyone can share ideas and keep the excitement of the wedding alive. Having a group chat means that their details are accessible to each other too, meaning if a bridesmaid wants to contact another, they can do so through the group chat rather than asking you. This’ll also give the bridesmaids a chance to get to know each other even more, creating a stronger bond, which will hopefully move the wedding along smoothly and without any trouble. ToddandMooreDJ221.fw

Make sure everyone is involved

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This is a pretty important one as sometimes there are bridesmaids who are more outspoken than others; this doesn’t mean your quieter bridesmaids are trying to get out of helping. Having a lunch and working out each other’s strengths will help when you need to give jobs to your bridesmaids. If your sisters are set on holding you a shower, leave them to it but if your best friend can help you with a shopping trip then ask her to come with you. Keeping everyone involved will make sure that no one feels left out and then there will be no resentment amongst bridesmaids.

Do something fun

It’s easy to get wrapped up in wedding planning and sometimes it can be hard to see a social life outside of that. Keep your bridesmaids relaxed by taking them out on a non-wedding related trip. Whether that’s shopping, a day trip to the spa or even just a lunch. Not talking about the wedding when things get a bit stressed may just be the thing you need to remind you just why you love your bridesmaids pre-wedding. P&G-6

Don’t force friendship

During the wedding planning, chances are your bridesmaids will be civil to each other and try to get along for your expense but ultimately they are there to help you and that’s it. The likelihood of them talking again after the wedding is usually pretty slim, so while it’s important to keep them happy and keep them in contact with each other, don’t force them to be friends. It’s important to spend quality time with them separately as well as organising things as a collective. Emily & Callum's Wedding 0127

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