You don’t want your cake and your flowers fighting for centre stage – so why not combine them? Expert florist, Paula Pryke reveals how to add a fancy floral touch to your wedding cake…

Even in countries where having a wedding cake was previously not the custom, cakes are becoming very popular through blogs and social media. In the UK, it is customary to cut the cake, make a wish and have a toast of Champagne.


How to…

1) Soak the floral foam and the frame in water so the flowers can drink and stay fresh. Cut the block to fit in the cup for the topper – it needs to be twice as high as the cup.

2) Position the cake on a cake stand in the centre of the frame. Stand back to make sure it looks central from all angles.

diy-floral-wedding-cake-decorations-PRY_0862 (1)

3) Begin to add the flowers in the ring, placing the lilac between the roses and building round and filled the gap created by the cake stand.

4) Weave some jasmine trails through the flowers to make it look like a vine growing in a garden.


5) For the topper, you need to cut the stems of your roses very short as you don’t have a great depth of foam and you don’t want to make it crumble. You can see in the photograph how you have to angle the roses into the foam so they cover the plastic container to make the roses look natural.

6) Fill any gaps with lilac and then add jasmine trails as you did for the bases. The petally roses mimic the delicate ruffles of icing on the lowest tier of this beautiful peach wedding cake by Cakes by Krishanthi.


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