In an exclusive extract from fabulous new book, ‘The Crafted Garden‘ we show you how to make super-cool flower crown!


This home-made headdress do this by joining two pieces of the wire, so the wire bends back using dried flowers will reflect your garden in all its midsummer splendour. Floral headdresses or circlets have made something of a comeback in recent years. I love the hippy, bohemian feel about them and they are perfect for weddings, festivals or summer parties. You can buy plastic versions, but they do not really capture the essence of summer and will only end up in landfill at some point. Meanwhile fresh flowers in a headdress might look gorgeous but they are prone to wilting.


What you will need:

●  Reel wire or stub wire

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●  Wire cutters

●  Floral tape in green or brown

●  Thin-gauge florists’ wire

●  Dried flowers, grasses and seed heads: Hattie’s pincushion, hare’s tail grass, globe amaranth, larkspur

●  Scissors

1. Making the wire base

Take your reel wire and create a circle which sits comfortably on your head or that of the person who is eventually to wear the headdress. Or else, you could do this by joining two pieces of stub wire together. You will need a couple of centimetres extra on the end of each side to create two loops to fix the headdress in place on your head. Wrap the wire in floral tape, angling the tape as you go.

2. Making the material base

Take several pieces of your chosen plant material – a grass, a background piece such as feverfew and a focal flower – and make a small posy. Secure with fine-gauge stub wire and trim the stems. Then make further posies.

3. Attaching a posy to the base

Lay one of the flower posies on the prepared base and wrap it in place with floral tape.


4. Layering the flowers

Secure the next posy. The aim is to build up your flowers around the base using your new posy to cover the previous section of floral tape. Try to keep the plant material angled so that it faces the front.

5. Fitting the headdress

You can choose to decorate only a small section of the circle – or the whole headdress if you prefer. Make a small loop at each end of on itself. Use these loops to secure your headdress into a circle so that it stays in place on your head.

Match the season adapt this headdress to reflect the season. Select late-summer dried flowers such as strawflowers mixed with seed heads for autumn headdresses, and in winter combine berries with long-lasting evergreens such as rosemary.

flower-crown-diy-Crafted garden HI RES

Dried flower decorations can be made up days or even weeks in advance, so they are perfect for big events such as a wedding when time is at a premium.

For more ideas pick up a copy of ‘The Crafted Garden‘ by Louise Curley!