Why stick with just one colour of confetti when you can have lots? Shropshire Petals‘ new confetti bar is the perfect idea for summer…


If you want a confetti shot that stands out from the crowd, consider making a confetti bar for your wedding ceremony. We caught up with the experts at Shropshire Petals as they reveal how to do it in just four easy steps…


First take several old jars, vases or anything else you would like to display your confetti in. The Wedding Ideas Shop has lots of gorgeous glass bowls and vases – check them out today!

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Next choose however many colours and types of petals you want your guests to throw. Shropshire Petals can give you an estimate of how much you’ll need for your number of guests.

Place each separate colour, or even your own unique mix, into each jar and display them at your ceremony with a cute little wedding sign explaining what your guests need to do… ‘pick your own and throw!’

For vintage style weddings, why not place your confetti jars in an old suitcase? Or for rustic weddings, you could use a ladder, a wooden bench or an old school dressing table?


On the big day, ask your bridesmaids or ushers to make sure that everyone has a handful of confetti before you make your big exit from the ceremony.


Shropshire Petals grow and produce all of their natural petal confetti on their Shropshire farm. Every petal is 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly so you won’t be harming the environment either – brilliant!

The confetti shot is a classic wedding photograph that should appear in every wedding album – and we’ve got some more right here. Have you sorted your wedding flowers yet? Don’t buy anything until you’ve read our top tips.