Your wedding day photographs will capture one of the most precious moments of your life, so don’t let a lack of confidence or insecurities affect your big day. Clear aligner brand Invisalign has teamed up with one of the UK’s most sought-after wedding photographers, Steven Brookes, to reveal his expert tips on how to achieve the perfect wedding day photographs, while body language expert and Invisalign ambassador Judi James reveals how to achieve a winning wedding smile…


“Surrounded by beautiful celebrities every day, we are often left in awe at how they master the perfect pose for every picture,” says Steven. “Here’s how to ensure posing for that perfect picture is second nature to you.”

“To create a beautiful silhouette, the most flattering pose is to stand at angle of up to 45 degrees to the camera rather than front on, as this can help make your figure appear slimmer. Remember to keep your shoulders down and relax, shifting your body weight on to your back foot.”

“On your big day, your photographer will undoubtedly take a head and shoulder portrait shot. Try to sit at an angle to the camera, with your head slightly tilted towards the lens and leaning to one side. This can help to give the appearance of larger eyes, which together with your smile, are the focal points of the picture.”

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“For me, natural light from a window is the best tool to achieve impressive visual results. Try and sit or stand close to a light source when posing for photographs, this will highlight the features of your dress or suit, while giving a beautiful quality to the picture.”

“Take some time out with your partner on the day. Let your photographer follow you about, but try to completely forget that they’re there and just talk to each other. This is the first time you will be alone together as husband and wife and it tends to evoke a natural, adoring smile in both parties, which makes for a beautifully intimate picture for the album.”

Recent research from Invisalign revealed that our smiles are the body part that British men and women wish they felt most confident about, with a shocking 15% of us refusing to smile in photographs.


Body language expert Judi James shares her expert tips on how to achieve a self-assured, beautiful smile in a few simple steps…

“If you’re holding a bouquet it’s even easier to bring your arms into the sides of your body in a way that can make you look and feel anxious. This not only makes us look anxious, but it also hides the wedding dress that we spend so long choosing. Take a moment to relax and focus on releasing the tension in your shoulders and letting your elbows fall loose to the side, giving you a more open pose.”

“Wedding day stress and nerves will tend to reflect in your shoulder position,” says Judi. “When we get tense our shoulder muscles contract, bringing our shoulders upward and our elbows inward to form a protective self-hug.”

Overcoming nerves

“In case you find yourself stricken by these wedding day nerves, breathe out, drop your head so that you’re looking at the floor, and relax your features for a couple of seconds. Then breathe in, lift your head up, applying your smile as you do so. Forget everything else apart from the man who is waiting to marry you. Think of something you did that was fun or humorous before the wedding plans began. Smile with your eyes and then allow your smile to work its way down to your mouth, displaying a subtle show of teeth.”

“When you smile, dip your eyes slightly at the outer corners so they narrow into your mouth, giving you a slight smoulder. The corners of your mouth need to then curve upwards, pushing your cheeks out slightly into the ‘apple’ shape of a genuine smile.”

“Keep your mouth spread even with a good display of teeth without tightening your top lip, which can imply tension. Essentially the best smiles are the natural and genuine ones, so relax and find a confidence in your smile that will undoubtedly be the best accessory to your wedding outfit.”

Be prepared

“To help build your confidence in front of the camera, I always recommend doing a test shoot before the big day,” says Steven. “This gives you two to three hours in front of the camera ahead of the wedding, and the results include beautiful images and a relaxed and confident couple.”

“I find that couples who aren’t comfortable in their own bodies tend to display these insecurities in the final photographs. For example, people tend to hunch their shoulders to make themselves feel smaller or they tend to give a wiry smile to hide their teeth, which can make them look unhappy despite it being one of the most special moments in their lifetime.”

The perfect smile

“Some people invest in non-evasive treatments to help them look their absolute best,” says Judi. “A popular improvement is to include a teeth straightening procedure as part of the wedding day preparations. Many men and women feel very self-conscious of their appearance, and changing a part of them, such as their smile, helps build that confidence in the run up to their big day.”

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