We love a good summer wedding – especially when the sun does actually shine. But it’s important to know how to beat the heat and make sure that your guests stay comfortable in the sun!

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Don’t be blinded by love

If your wedding is based outside, you don’t want your guests squinting so much they can’t see your gorgeous gown. Provide your guests with sunglasses and use them as favours or fun photo props! You could have a basket full of different colours and styles to suit your wedding theme.

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Keep safe in the sun

You want your guests to remember your big day as super special, not the day they got super sunburnt. Although it’s their responsibility to take care of their skin, it’s also helpful to provide a little box of suncreams just in case they have forgotten! It’ll mean you and your hubby-to-be can also top up during the day and enjoy your wedding without worrying about catching the sun.

Refresh your guests

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There’s nothing like an ice cold drink on a scorching hot day, and it’s easy for your guests to get dehydrated quickly without realising, especially with all those glasses of fizz. Avoid any disasters and make sure there are cold drinks around at all times to rehydrate everyone. Store drinks in buckets of ice to keep them extra cold!

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Ice cream treats

Sunny weather is a fabulous excuse to have an ice-cream van at your wedding. Not only will it keep your guests’ tummies full, they’ll also be able to cool down if the weather is too sweltering. If you’re planning on a budget, buying ice lollies and freezing them prior to the big day will help to keep both the adults and children happy! Save even more money and use them as your dessert option.

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Shade is key

If there is limited shade at your venue, have a basket full of pretty parasols to make sure your guests can have shelter from the sun if needed. If you want to get fancy, you can choose different colors or prints to match your decor. These also look fab in the wedding photos!

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Keep it cool with fans

This a practical yet pretty way of keeping your guests cool. Why not incorporate your order of service into a fan by attaching it to a pre-purchased fan, or using craft sticks and ribbons. The latter is definitely a budget friendly option.


Dress accordingly

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding let your guests know on the invitations so they can dress accordingly. Make sure your bridesmaids are dressed in something light, that they can layer up when it gets a little cooler in the evening. Also think about your wedding dress, as you want to enjoy your day without getting too hot and sweaty.

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These tips are a must-have if you’re planning an outdoor or summer wedding. Now you’ve got this sorted, make sure you check out our 10 decorations perfect for an outdoor wedding!