It’s an age old dilemma. How do you cut down your guest list and still have those attend who you really want to see the event? Josh from online ‘wedcasters’ Red Shell Productions reveals how you can have more guests for a fraction of the price.

skype-weddingMaxed out capacity

So you’ve found your dream wedding venue only to discover there is a maximum of 50 guests. How do you invite everyone you want without blowing the budget? And what about those relatives from overseas who can’t make it? How will they share the big day? Perhaps you have elderly relatives who might find a whole wedding day to be too exhausting?

This year sees a new solution to these dilemmas – streaming your wedding live over the internet. We call them ‘Wedcasts’.

4 reasons why you should consider streaming your wedding

Wedding-streamingYou can ensure that special people don’t miss out!

This is always the number one reason and, in fact, the reason we started the business itself. When I married my wife in 2011 her South African family couldn’t all come over to the UK. Some of my favourite photos of the day are of her relatives in South Africa dressed up to the nines, eating wedding cake and sipping Champagne around their computers!

We calculated we had around 150 people in total watching around the globe, it made for a very special day. For me, what was even more special was that my grandad could watch. He’s housebound and I know it made his day seeing all his children and grandchildren together.

You can be more particular about your guest list and number of guests

The number of guests you invite almost certainly determines your budget.

One really cool thing we’ve done recently is add some large screen LCDs to our set-up. This means we can live stream your wedding to your reception venue, ideal if your wedding venue is too small for all the people you want to invite or, you want to cut down on your number of day guests.

Drop the guilt from destination weddings

As long as your venue has a fast enough internet connection, it’s possible for us to stream from anywhere in the world. This can dramatically reduce the number of people you feel you have to accommodate – handy if you want to get married abroad.

It’s easy, unlimited and hassle free

Letting us take care of your streaming ensures you get the best shots and that as many people as you like can watch.

Grabbing a laptop and loading up Skype can be an attractive option for the DIY bride and we wouldn’t discourage budget-savvy couples from doing this. However, Skype is limited to a maximum of five viewers (maximum of one on the free version). With Red Shell Productions, as many people can watch as you wish without the need to download anything extra onto their computer and you have the added bonus of your video at the end of the day.

You can see Red Shell Productions’ live streaming in action on the Wedding Ideas website  on 11th January where they’ll be streaming the Wedding Ideas Awards 2013!

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