A stag do is typically associated with large groups of men drinking too much alcohol and then behaving outrageously. The more wild the behaviour, the better many people consider the stag do to have been. However, it is not compulsory that your stag do has to be an alcohol-fuelled frenzy and many people now prefer a tee-total option.

If your stag do is close to your wedding day, the tee-total method of celebrating your final days of freedom has its benefits; not least of which is that it will leave you feeling well enough to enjoy the big day itself. Another bonus it that you will be able to remember everything that happens on your stag do, something that has been missing from plenty that have gone before!

So, if you’re looking to have a top laugh without the hitherto obligatory hangover, here are just a few of the exciting activities you could try without a drop of alcohol passing your lips.


Paintballing is a great fun activity, provided you don’t mind the occasional hit of pain. If you have a competitive streak and enjoy a military combat theme, this could be the ideal activity for your stag do.

How to Have an Epic Teetotal Stag Do

All you can eat buffet

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Challenge yourself and your friends to an all you can eat buffer. This is the perfect night out for anyone who enjoys their food and prefers the chance to sit and socialise with their mates rather than hitting a nightclub for the night. Stick to the soft drinks and you might actually remember what you talked about.

How to Have an Epic Teetotal Stag Do2

A round of golf

If a more relaxed and leisurely activity sounds appealing, then a round of golf could be a good choice. However, just because it’s of a slower pace doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your competitive muscles. For a friendly wager or two, set up longest drive competitions, nearest to the pin, lowest score and more.

If you and your friends complete all eighteen holes, it is likely to take up a full day. As most golf clubs serve food, you can end your day with a bite to eat.

How to Have an Epic Teetotal Stag Do3


Challenge your friends on the race track and see who reaches the chequered flag first. Go-karting is a fun activity, especially if you enjoy speed or you are interested in motorsports.

How to Have an Epic Teetotal Stag Do4

Theme parks

Theme parks are a great venue for your stag do if you are an adrenaline-junkie and want a day that offers variety. Even if not all of your mates enjoy rollercoasters and the other big rides, they will still find plenty of activities to entertain themselves at a theme park. Put the wimpier ones on the Teacups, and share their shame on social media!

How to Have an Epic Teetotal Stag Do5

An adventure activity weekend

Many companies specialise in adventure weekends for stag dos and offer a wide range of activities throughout the weekend. Just some of the activities that you might expect include mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoning, caving and kayaking. You can choose activities you participate in so that the weekend is tailored to the preferences of you and those in your party.

How to Have an Epic Teetotal Stag Do6

Although the stag do is traditionally associated with the excessive consumption of alcohol, there are lots of better activities you can enjoy for your stag do and make it a memorable event. Which you choose is entirely down to the preferences of you and your friends.

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