Green and eco weddings are a hot new wedding trend. Today Gemma Morgan of  The Wedding of my Dreams has written our blog post with ideas on how to create your very own eco-chic wedding.

“Opting for an eco-chic wedding theme is the perfect way to add your own spin to your wedding, making it really personal, casting your own values over your big day and making it memorable for your family and friends. There are more ways than ever to become an eco friendly bride and it is becoming more cost efficient than people think. You just need to know what you are doing and where to start.”

Decide between the two of you just how far you want to take your eco-chic theme.  Are you happy with just an accent or is it key to your whole wedding?

Venue and Decoration
Venue choice is important.  Start with somewhere close for you and your guests.  Check with suggested venues – are they
able to provide Fair Trade or locally sourced food and wines?  Is recycling one of their key features?  Think about your flowers.  If you have time and the inclination you could grow your own flowers and make eco-friendly table decorations and bouquets.

Check out a local florist using locally sourced flowers and don’t forget to use recycled containers whenever possible.  Make your wedding count and feel good while you celebrate in an environmentally friendly manner. Scour charity shops and car boot sales for crockery, cups and jugs.  Use herbs or flowering plants as table decorations and gift them as favours.  Be sure your decorations are re-used throughout the day and then taken home as gifts by guests.

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Small details count
Think Fair Trade when choosing candles and small table decorations. If you are having a country theme then use handmade wheat sheaves for decorations.  Tie hearts made from willow and clematis cuttings to the back of chairs.  Confetti should be biodegradable freeze dried petals.  Or start collecting petals from all the flowers you have in the garden, dry carefully and use as confetti at your wedding.

Think about giving a donation to your favourite charity instead of traditional favours for guests.

Getting to the Church on Time!
When arranging transport – could you organise a coach if a number of guests need to travel?   Go back to the old days of a horse and carriage or chose a venue where you can walk from ceremony/church to the reception.

Finally don’t forget the honeymoon.   Check out who you are booking with and their green credentials.  Consider a honeymoon in the UK.  Or why not try camping!  And remember enjoy being an eco-friendly bride.”

Guest Post by Gemma Morgan at The Wedding of my Dreams who also supplied the photography.

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