If your wedding is approaching and you love a bit of Halloween, party experts Chillisauce have put together some amazingly spooky, but fun, hen night ideas for you to get your claws into…


Head to a haunted destination

To really get yourself in the mood for Halloween, head to a haunted destination. If you want somewhere scary in the UK, try Edinburgh. It’s arguably one of the most haunted locations in the UK because many of the buildings date back to the 12th Century. If you do visit, make sure you have a look at the Edinburgh Vaults! There are a number of chambers that you can look around, formed in the arches of the South Bridge. Rumour has it, the vaults were used by tradesmen for storage and were reportedly used to store the bodies of those murdered by serial killers Burke and Hare for medical experiments.

halloween-chillisauce-Edinburgh castle

If Edinburgh seems that little bit too far away, why not try York? With 504 reported and recorded hauntings, it’s also home to the ‘Ghosts of the Greatest Longevity’, the famous Roman Legionnaires of the Treasurer’s House.

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halloween-chillisauce-Haunted House

Get cooking!

To keep with the theme of the day, and really get the girls in the mood, try making some healthy Halloween treats and cakes. Drinks don’t have to be complicated either – Witches Brew is one of our favourites and is simple and easy to make (mulled wine), or h (ow about Dracula’s Blood PunchBloody Mary)?!

Scary banana ice-scream with orange pumpkins

Prep time: 5 mins prep, 25 mins freezing
Ingredients: Bananas x 3, low fat yogurt, mini chocolate buttons. For the pumpkins – clementines, celery

Cut the bananas in half, and make sure they’re able to stand upright. Once cut, dip the entire banana in low fat yogurt and place on a level tray in the freezer for up to an hour. 5 minutes before your guests have arrived, decorate with chocolate drops and serve. They’re a scary delight and delicious alternative to sugary ice cream!


Crack ya teeth

Prep time: 10 mins
Granny smith apples, chocolate eggs, peanut butter

Slice each apple into segments of 8, and spread peanut butter on each side. Carefully place the chocolate eggs on one side of the apple slice and the other on top. Enjoy!


Cautious carrot and coriander soup

If you’d rather play things safe, a carrot and coriander soup is a safe bet. It’s filling, delicious, and your hens will be grateful for lining their stomach in preparation for an evening of celebrating.

Prep time: 15 mins
Ingredients: Coriander, onion x 1, vegetable/chicken stock, carrots, potato

Heat a pan of oil and gently fry the onions until they’ve softened, add the coriander and chopped up potato and cook for around a minute. Add the carrots and stock and then bring to the boil. Cook the contents of the pan for 20 minutes until the carrots turn soft. Once the mixture is cold, tip it all into a food processor until smooth. To serve, get your hands on a small pumpkin and empty the contents and use it as a bowl with a lid! For a fantastic and frightening finishing touch, use rye bread bats to dip into the soup.


Go for a hair-raising hen party experience

Chillisauce sends out over 140,000 people every year on hen and stag dos across the UK and Europe, and they’ve got the low down on haunting Halloween activities for you and your hens to do. WARNING: These are NOT for the faint hearted.

Activity: Zombie Bootcamp
Location: London, Birmingham
Situation: New outbreak of the Black Night-542 virus has the potential to cause widespread infection throughout the UK. Hordes of the infected have been spotted in the English countryside and impose a huge threat to the entire population. Boot camps have been situated across London and Birmingham to train for immediate effect and action against the diseased. Can you take on the challenge?

You’ll have to take on basic action to stand a chance against these fierce Zombies, and will be put through your paces using semi-auto assault rifles, pistols and pump-action shotguns. Unarmed combat techniques will also be taught and once you’ve grasped the basics, you’ll learn to fight as a team and deploy both vehicle and on-foot to seek and destroy the zombies! Start times are between 10-2pm and 3-7pm, however this activity is best experienced at Sunset. Prices start at £90pp.


Activity: Werewolf Hunting
Location: London, Birmingham
Situation: In a large, derelict barn, in the heart of the countryside, farmers have been reporting large losses of livestock and missing person reports are flooding the news desks. Recent sightings have place the creatures around a pharmaceutical development facility, and it’s believed that the pack of ‘wolfmen’ are using the cover with a plan to hunt their prey… you. Can you put your hen party to the test? Step up where others have failed and take on the werewolf. This is a late evening event and it’s possible to stay overnight, however, the chances of survival are slim.

Activity: The Asylum
Location: Birmingham
Situation: You’ve just woken up and (you think) it’s 2020. You’re alone in a hospital. Suddenly you jump at the noise of a scream and reach out of bed only to realise you’re all alone in an old mental instituation. You have no idea how you’ve got here, but you know you have to leave. However, it’s not that simple. You must spend the next two hours running, hiding, and thinking intelligently to outwit the demented demons in the derelict hospital and get out safe. Will anyone be there when you get out? Prices start at £105pp.

halloween-chillisauce-The Asylum

Activity: Jail Break
Location: Riga
Situation: If you fancy something different outside of the UK, how about getting locked up for the night in Riga, Latvia? You’ll stay overnight in an abandoned Russian prison. Some unexpected events may occur if you can’t Jail Break and get out within 24 hours… We suggest you get some tips from Jack Bauer. Prices start at £100pp, not including flights.


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