There’s no doubt you’ll be smiling all day long on your big day – it’s one of the happiest days of your life after all! So we’ve put together some top tips to make the most of that beautiful wedding day smile.

Healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet is essential, not just for a beautiful smile, but everything! Prevent decay by reducing your sugar intake – if you’re not sure what’s got what in it, check the labels! Plus if you’re a bit of a caffeine addict, it would do you good to cut down on your cups of tea or coffee per day. They’re both nasty teeth-stainers! France-235

Brighten and whiten

To help you on your journey of Mission: Dazzling Teeth, products like Pearl Drops are great. The new Pearl Drops Lasting Flawless White Toothpolish will TRANSFORM your smile by not only whitening your teeth, but also filling in imperfections and restoring the natural glossy look of your teeth so they’ll be shining all day long.


Practice makes perfect

The thought may cringe you out entirely, but do you know what? If it’s going to mean an amazing wedding album where you’ll have an endless selection of Facebook profile pictures to choose from, it’s worth it, right? Get in front of that mirror and work out your best smile and your best angles now! Rusty and Lucy's Wedding (148)

Get lippy

Lipstick choice is a really important one if you’re wanting to make the most of your smiling face on such a happy day. Make sure you choose a colour that suits your complexion well – No7’s Match Made Lipstick tool is super useful for this. Opt for a lippy with a creamy shine to it for the best, long-lasting results. CR078


For that perfect smile, it’s not all about the lips and teeth – you’ve got to remember your eyes, too! You’ve probably all heard of the famous model Tyra Banks and her skill of ‘smizing’ – smiling with your eyes – and on your wedding day, you want to take that into account. A smile means nothing if there’s no emotion behind the eyes. Take some tips from Tyra herself right here…

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