Celebrity facialist Cherry Woods is much loved by broadcasters, brides-to-be and beauty fans for her hi-tech, anti-aging treatments. While there is no substitute for the luxury facials on offer at the Cherry Woods Skin Clinic in Richmond, her skin secrets will boost your confidence and give you the gift of time by reducing your make-up routine.

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare your skin for warmer weather, holidays and wedding season by giving it some serious TLC…

Cherry explains: “The main reason we use foundation is to conceal open pores, spots, lines, uneven pigmentation and redness, so follow my fundamental rules below and you could be living foundation free by summer!

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Vitamin A

Love the sun? Stressful job? Less than perfect diet? All these things deplete the natural vitamin resources in your skin, so if you’re guilty of these skin sins then don’t panic, but DO invest in Vitamin A. My recommendation would be an Environ AVST moisturizer, as these clarify pores so much that many of my clients say they don’t feel as though they need foundation after just a few weeks of use.

Protect yourself

A good sunblock will keep your skin protected from not only the sun, but also wind, rain and temperature change. A quality sunblock will actually seal-in the moisture from your moisturizer to help it last all day. I use sunblock all year long, and prefer a lightweight formula for a dewy tone. My favourite is Epionce Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50 which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for an instant foundation-free glow.

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Keep calm

Inflammation is the cause of many skin conditions and disorders, so keeping the skin cool and calm is fundamental in reducing red, blotchy patches as well as the effects of aging. You can make lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation, starting with reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake. Spritz your skin with a soothing product such as my favourite Eminence Chamomile Toner or the handy handbag-sized Evian Water Sprays.

Eat clean

We all know it’s sensible to avoid too much greasy food, refined sugars and diary, all of which can contribute to flare ups. High G.I foods cause glucose and insulin levels to surge, releasing adrenalin and causing your skin to flush. Treat your skin by eating low G.I options which release energy slowly. My top picks are Vitamin A packed spinach and carrots, Omega 3 Fatty Acids found in salmon and walnuts, plus Vitamin C gems such as pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

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Cool down

Make your own fridge-chilled face cloths and use a few times a week to soothe your skin and prevent break outs. Soak three soft cotton face cloths in a sink of warm water, then add a few drops of chamomile essential oil or a chamomile tea bag. Squeeze out excess water and put cloths in separate zip-lock bags in your fridge. Three times a week, cleanse, tone then take out a cold cloth and press over your face. Concentrate on irritated areas prone to break outs and be careful not to rub. Once the ‘coldness’ has subsided, continue with your night time routine.

Feel the peel

A gentle peel will refine the size of your pores, brighten and even out skin texture and allow skin cells to metabolize at a much faster rate. You can use a gentle home peel once a week all year round, upping to two or three times a week in colder months. I love using Environ LACM Home Peel Kit, which has a creamy lactic acid low PH formula to stimulate growth factors in the skin. This reduces deep wrinkles and scarring. It also lightens and brightens pigmentation marks, clarifies and tightens open pores, reduces breakouts and improves moisture levels.

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For more expert skincare advice, visit @CherryWoodsSkin on Twitter. To find out more about Cherry’s unique Bloom facials or to book an appointment, visit cherrywoodsclinic.com

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