We all know we should take better care of our locks, but when your big day is in sight it’s more important than ever as Maggie Tucholska from Wedding Hair by Maggie T explains. Follow her top tips for wedding hair success!


6 months to go

If you suffer from hair loss or long-term lacklustre hair, check out Viviscal’s Maximum Strength Supplements, which specifically help to nourish the hair follicles and promote growth – perfect for bride’s dreaming of Gisele-like locks on their big day or a complicated updo. If you need any more incentive as an added bonus these foods and hair supplements will also improve nail strength and your complexion.


It may seem like a long way off but if you want perfect hair in your wedding pictures now is the time to create (and keep!) good hair habits, from the food you eat to the supplements you take. Take two of Philip Kingsley’s Hair Soya Protein Capsules a day and teamed with a healthy diet rich in nuts, fish and avocado for extra shine points – you’ll see an improvement in the condition of your hair very soon.

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3 months to go

It can take at least a month for a new hair product to start taking noticeable effect, so start using a good quality shampoo and conditioner a minimum of three months before your wedding. I love U-LUXURY shampoo and conditioner – both smell amazing (thanks to the mix of Hawaiian white honey and pure argon oil) and contain crushed pearl powder for extra shine. It’s sulphate-free too, will make your hair more resilient to styling and will replenish the nutrients your hair craves.


And if you’re a straighten-your-hair-every-day kind of a girl, I’d recommend switching to Cloud Nine’s The Original Iron, which features mineral-infused plates that glide smoothly through the hair and protect it from heat damage.


1 week to go

Make sure you’re using a good quality brush that doesn’t tug at your hair or cause it to break. I always use the Kent Salon Cushion Brush on my models as they’re continually having their hair brushed and restyled and it’s gentle enough to not damage their tresses but easy enough for me to create any hairstyle with. If you’re trying out different hairstyles at home, this is the brush to use!


The day before

It’s time to relax and indulge and there’s no better way than with a milk_shake Integrity Hair Repair Treatment. This is the perfect treat for brittle or dry hair or any brides looking for a last minute bit of TLC and the best thing is the results are immediate. Lather the whole bottle over wet clean hair and leave for 10 minutes while you think glossy, gorgeous wedding hair thoughts! Then rinse.


What’s your best beauty tip? Let us know today in the Wedding Ideas Forum and share your advice with other b2bs! Have you started your hair and beauty regime for the big day? Here’s what you should be doing right now!