When you start planning your wedding, the first thing you probably think about is the cost. But limited budget shouldn’t hold you back from finding the dress of your dreams. Here, Louisa Shulman from Find Your Dream Wedding Dress shows you that it is possible to find a fabulous designer gown without blowing the budget.

Varying costs

The price of wedding gowns vary as much as the styles on offer, especially since luxury brands like Hollywood Dreams have introduced budget labels, such as Chic by Hollywood Dreams, that cater to brides on a budget. The Tia collection from Benjamin Roberts, and the fabulous Beautiful range by Enzoani, are just two of the many more collections that make top-of-the-market dresses accessible to everyone.

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Think about alterations

Have you recently fallen in love with a particular gown or designer name? Don’t be scared off by the price tag because what you’re looking at in pure silk may also be available in a different fabric, or perhaps with different embellishments.

Many companies are happy to make changes to a dress in order to meet the individual bride’s needs – that lavish lace bolero could be replaced with an equally gorgeous taffeta design, or those hand-beaded and embroidered illusion panels could be switched for some lovely patterned lace instead at a fraction of the cost.

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Price impact

Modifications to an original design spec can also have a huge impact on price, without compromising on quality or style. Dress length can easily be altered and in fact, many designers offer many length variations as the norm, just as they would make larger or smaller sizes available. It’s always worth asking your bridal shop what is and isn’t possible before making your final decision.

It’s the small details that can also introduce further savings – a handmade shimmering brooch that uses the finest crystals and pearls can be changed for something equally effective but less costly because it’s manufactured and uses a different combination of stones.


Warning signals

Finding a dress at the price you’ve budgeted for is savvy planning and it’s the very best way to start your search for ‘the one’ – and Find Your Dream Wedding Dress is a great place to start.

Picking up a bargain online on an un-regulated website is often not an option and there is no way you can buy a high-end designer dress for a fraction of the recommended price.

If you part with your money, you’ll be gambling with your dreams, and often the end result will be a cheap imitation of the dress that you set your hopes on.

These illicit copy houses are sneaky and what they produce has nothing in common with the genuine article. Don’t kid yourself by thinking that you’ll get lucky – it’ll only end in tears.

If you want to see more gorgeous wedding gowns, head over to our wedding dress collections where we have hundreds of designs to suit your budget.